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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The Rajya Sabha is a: (a) permanent body (b) temporary body (c) house headed by the Prime Minister (d) house having no Speaker


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Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha when compared: (a) They are equally powerful (b) Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha (c) Rajya Sabha is more powerful than the Lok Sabha (d) the ?intensity of power? varies


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Which is the final authority for establishing a new State in India? (a) State Legislatures (b) Parliament (c) President of India (d) Prime Minister of India

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Is there any separate citizenship of State in India? (a) No (b) Yes (c) Under certain circumstances

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Which of the following will be considered permanently domiciled in India? (a) Those who have permanent home in India (b) Were born within the territory of India (c) Either of whose parents was born in the territory of India (d) Have been residing in the territory of India for not less than five years before the commencement of the Indian Constitution (e) All of above mentioned (f) Only ?a? and ?b?

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In which of the following ways Indian citizenship can be acquired? (a) By birth (b) By descent (c) By naturalization (d) By registration (e) All of these

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Which of the following qualifications are necessary for a person who acquires citizenship by naturalization in India? (a) He is not a subject or citizen of any country where the citizens of India are debarred from becoming subjects or citizens of that country by naturalization (b) That he has given up the citizenship of that country according to the law of that country and has notified to the central government (c) Throughout the period of 12 months immediately preceding the date of application he has either been residing in India or been in the service of India (d) All of these

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Can the qualifications for acquiring natural citizenship be waived? Under which conditions can these be waived? (a) Yes, if a person has rendered distinguished service to the cause of science or art, philosophy or literature (b) Yes, if the applicant has rendered service for world peace (c) Yes, if the applicant has worked for human progress in general (d) All of the above mentioned

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How can the Indian citizenship be terminated ? (a) By renunciation (b) By termination (c) By deprivation (d) All of the above

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Under what circumstances Indian citizenship can not be terminated? (a) At the time of emergency (b) At the time of war (c) At the time of elections (d) All of these

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Will a citizen of India who acquires naturalized citizenship of a foreign country lose his Indian citizenship by termination? (a) Yes (b) No (c) If he intimates (d) If he wants to terminate

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Why are the Fundamental Rights considered fundamental? (a) Necessary for the successful working of democratic institution (b) Basic to the welfare, dignity and happiness of the individual (c) Constitution is based on these (d) All of these (e) Only ?a? and ?b?

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The judges of the Supreme court are appointed by the: (a) Prime Minister of India (b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (c) President of India (d) Ministry of Law & Justice

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For Money-grants the: (a) assent of the President is not essential (b) prior assent of the President is essential (c) assent after their successful, passage is essential (d) Rajya Sabha may introduce any bill

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The President can nominate to the Rajya Sabha maximum number of : (a) Two members (b) four members (c) six members (d) twelve members

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