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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following countries became the 24th member of the ASEAN Regional forum in July 2004? (a) Pakistan (b) Indonesia (c) China (d) Japan

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As per the latest National AIDS report, the number of people currently living with HIV are (a) 4.58 million (b) 5.10 million (c) 5.65 million (d) 6.23 million

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Who is the new Chairman of the National Book Trust ? (a) Sitaram Bharti (b) D.N. Dixit (c) Tarlochan Singh (d) Bipin Chandra

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Who among the following persons has been elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? (a) Najma Heptullah (b) Surjeet Singh Barnala (c) K. Rahman Khan (d) Ghulam Nabi Azad

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The 2004 Rajiv Gandhi National Award was jointly given to Madari Moideen and (a) Swami Agnivesh (b) Dilip Kumar (c) Sunderlal Bahuguna (d) Somnath Chatterjee

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The Non-Plan expenditure in the Union Budget for 2004-05 is estimated at (a) Rs. ,32,239 crore (b) Rs. 3,82,682 crore (c) Rs. 3,69,217 crore (d) Rs. 3,74,118 crore

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According to the Economic Survey for 2003-04, India is sustaining the growth momentum and achieving an annual growth averaging ??.a year. (a) 10-11 per cent (b) 9-10 per cent (c) 8-9 per cent (d) 7-8 per cent

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Recently, the US Foreign Aid Bill was passed. The Bill seeks to grant $ 95 million to India and ????. to Pakistan. (a) $ 300 million (b) $ 450 million (c) $ 580 million (d) $ 700 million

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Punjab-born Ujjal Desanjh has recently been appointed Canada?s (a) Education Minister (b) Health Minister (c) Home Minister (d) Foreign Minister

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In the name of the Father has been written by which of the following persons? (a) Amitabh Bachchan (b) Ustad Zakhir Hussain (c) Mohinder Amarnath (d) Rahul Singh

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Name the first woman police officer of the country to be appointed as the crime branch chief. (a) Meera Borwanker (b) Kanchan Choudhary (c) Kiran Bedi (d) Sonali Pathak

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In July 2004 the World Peace Meet was held in Salzburg. It is a city in which of the following countries? (a) Belgium (b) Poland (c) Austria (d) Canada

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Who was warded the Golden Boot in the Euro 2004? (a) Theodoros Zangorakis (b) Milan Baros (c) Ronaldo (d) Wayne Rooney

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According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau Report on SCs/STs, which of the following States has recorded as the highest incidence of murder cases? (a) Maharashtra (b) Bihar (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Uttar Pradesh

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Name the country which has the maximum number of the World Heritage Sites (a) Iran (b) Italy (c) France (d) India

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Which animal has been declared as National Heritage Animal in October 2010 by the Union Government?


Which countries signed the MoU for co-operation in field of sports in January 2014?


Which city is called Silicon Valley of India ?


Name the Noble prize winner for Economics in 2017.


who started 'teacher's day'?


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


Who became the first Indian Telecom operator to launch 4G services?


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public sector


state the opposite of asperity?


In the year 2004, where was Olympics held?


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Do you have any idea about Common wealth games? In which year they will be held?


The device used for locating submerged objects is?


Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?