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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Alamgir was the Emperor at Delhi for ?? years. (a) twenty-nine (b) thirty-nine (c) forty-nine (d) fifty-nine

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Aurangzeb re-established the Jizya on the Hindus: (a) because the Moghul exchequer was short of funds (b) because he did not like the non-conformists to his religion (c) because that was according to the tenets of the Muslim faith (d) because the Hindus were inimical to the Moghul Empire

1 2005

Aurangzeb sentenced to death the Sikh Guru: (a) Arjun Dev (b) Hargovind Singh (c) Teg Bahdur (d) Govind Singh

2 3294

Shivaji defeated the Moghul General: (a) Afzal Khan (b) Dilir Khan (c) Shayesta Khan (d) Murshidkuli Khan

2 3028

Shivaji was crowned as an independent king at: (a) Surat (b) Poona (c) Raigarh (d) Singhagarh


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Aurangzeb failed to defeat Shivaji because the: (a) Moghul army grew unmanageable (b) Marathas were expert in guerrilla warfare (c) Moghuls had no navy (d) Moghul generals were treacherous


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The last of the Moghul Emperors was: (a) Jahandar Shah (b) Shah Alam II (c) Alamgir II (d) Bahadur Shah II

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The founder of the dynasty of the Peshwas was: (a) Balaji Biswanath (b) Baji Rao (c) Balaji Baji Rao (d) Shambhaji


2 16460

The Third Battle of Panipat was fought in the year: (a) 1526 AD (b) 1556 AD (c) 1757 AD (d) 1761 AD

1 3027

Fracisco Pelasert, a Dutch trader left an account of the reign of: (a) Akbar (b) Jahangir (c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangzeb

1 1939

Manucci, an Italian adventurer left an account of the reign of: (a) Shahjahan (b) Aurangzeb (c) Shah Alam (d) Bahadur Shah Ii

2 2543

Of the modern European nations the first to come to India as traders were the: (a) English (b) Portuguese (c) Dutch (d) French

1 2184

The first trading establishment of the English in India was: (a) Calcutta (b) Surat (c) Bombay (d) Madras

1 2246

In 1690 the foundation of the city of Calcutta was laid by: (a) Sir Thomas Roe (b) Hawkins (c) Job Charnock (d) Clive

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The ablest of the governors of the French settlements in India was: (a) Bussey (b) Lally (c) Dupleix (d) La Bourdonnais

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