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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Akbar is famous in a way that very few kings and emperors of India are because: (a) he was a great conqueror (b) he had the most splendour at his court (c) he built the finest cities and buildings (d) he moulded the people of many religions, races and allegiances into a well-organised and contented empire

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Akbar abolished the Hindu capitation tax primarily because : (a) the revenue derived from it amounted to very little (b) it made the Hindus in his reign more contented since they were not discriminated against bys such a tax (c) he thought of more effective ways of raising revenue (d) he could not enforce its collection

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The famous financial adviser to Akbar was: (a) Todar Mall (b) Abdul Fazl (c) The Raja of Jodhpur (d) Bairam Khan


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When Akbar came to the throne the extent of his empire was: (a) larger than that of Babur (b) larger than that of Ashoka (c) smaller than that of Babur (d) larger than the present Indian Union

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At Akbar?s death the extent of his empire was: (a) the same as Babur?s (b) smaller than Babur?s (c) the same as the present Indian Union (d) the same as Ashoka?s

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Abdul Fazl was famous for: (a) conquering the Deccan (b) heading a rebellion (c) writing a history of Akbar?s reign (d) organizing land surveys

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Akbar reigned for: (a) 25 years (b) 36 years (c) 10 years (d) 49 years

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Akbar was succeeded by his son: (a) Jahangir (b) Humayun (c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangzeb

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As a tribute to Akbar?s organizing ability much remains even today of his: (a) civil administration (b) army organisation (c) religious organisation (d) organization of the department of education

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In the field of religion, Akbar?s greatest contribution was in his: (a) founding of a new religion (b) expansion of his father?s religion (c) the building of temples and mosques (d) the religious toleration of his administration

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In 1576 at the Battle of Haldighati, Akbar defeated: (a) Uday Singh (b) Man Singh (c) Amar Singh (d) Rana Pratap

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Rani Durgavati, the Queen of ??? committed suicide to escape disgrace at the hands of the Moghul army. (a) Gujarat (b) Jodhpur (c) Mewar (d) Gondowana

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Chand Sultana, the brave queen of ??? was killed in an engagement with the Moghul army. (a) Golkunda (b) Bijapur (c) Khandesh (d) Ahmednagar

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The empire of Akbar was divided into ??? Subas. (a) seven (b) thirteen (c) fifteen (d) nineteen

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The mausoleum of Akbar at ??? is undoubtedly a fine specimen of Moghul art. (a) Secundera (b) Delhi (c) Fatehpur (d) Lahore

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