ASP.NET Interview Questions
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what is use of web.config?

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Can we mention error in web.config file?

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What the use of Form Authentication and windows Authentication?

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What is the use Membership in and What is the use profiler in

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why should i use FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage (); Method in Form Authentication?Without using this method also it's good??

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what is wwf in

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The technical part was on ASP.Net only of web services.


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A brief difference between Session and Cookies in

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Give real time examples for polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance..


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what is ienumerable interface?

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what is page life cycle state management postback cross page postback types of feilds in gridview gridview events their life cycle cte in sql diff truncate and delete paging concepts in gridview diff bet gridview datalist and repeater what new operations in sql 2005 compared to earlier you get


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Is LINQ performance wise better or using sqlcommand?

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What is Difference between Application object and Session Object

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can we edit records from repeater control

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what is abstract class and method..

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Un-Answered Questions { ASP.NET } to encrpt query string in 2.there are 10000 records then i wnat display 5000 records one gridview and 5000 records another grid view what is the process?


Will the validators run in server side or client side?


What do you understand by aggregate dependency?


Which control has default post back is enabled(true)?


Where you store Connection string in "Web.Config" file in ASP.NET?


How can we create Tree control in


what are the Custom controls in


What is DataGrid wheater its a Server Control or something else ?


In Data grid the question is below quantity price total these are 3 fields available in data grid if you enter quantity the total has to update automatically.Price field is already filled completely


can we remote debug applications with the remote debugger installed with 2002, with 2003?


What is Partial PostBack in ASP.NET?


Explain the difference between Repeater and Data list control in ASP.NET?


what is publisher?


To display data in a Repeater control which template you provide?


What does passport and windows authentication mean in ASP.NET?