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what are types of viewstate

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What is serialization?

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whats the best method to cal id in javascript

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different architectures of

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what is Versioning in and how it maintain in any web application


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i want the technical questions and answeres


what is the deference between dataset and data adapter?


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Advantage of data Reader?

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what is the advantage of data reader?

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what is the difference between primary key and foreign key?

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What is the maximum length of textbox

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What are the objects of ASP.NET ?

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Take a Large textbox allow to type any data. Task 1:display the count of vowels in a lable on key press event of the textbox Task 2:dispaly count of dates in a lable when dates in following foramats:dd/mm/yy , mm/dd/yy , yy/mm/dd. Task3:compare 2 dates and display both are same or not which dates are in dd/mm/yy and mm/dd/yy farmats.



if i want to give an alert message like "try after sometime" to a web page which is being seen by other person.if a web page is not seen by anyone then it should display otherwise it show a display a message stating that other person is viewing so try after some can i implement this.



what are httphandlers and httpmodules.and their differences.


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Why is the standalone environment only useful during the development process?


6. Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?


can we remote debug applications with the remote debugger installed with 2002, with 2003?


I am trying to implement sorting facility from client side code in GridView Control. So how can I fill up an Array inside client side code (using JavaScript), i want to assign my DataSet object declared and filled up on Server side(in code behind) to the array (on client side)


What ports must be open for DCOM over a firewall? What is the purpose of Port 135?


I have an excel file with data, i am importing this excel file data into Sqlserver 2005 database. while importing i am getting wrong data(ie, special characters) in one column(description column), upto some limit the data in that column is coming fine,after that data is coming like below. The "Walter" leather storage bench is one of our most popular styles. The top with the tufting and double stitching finish a very impressive piece. The size is perfect in front of beds and the storage adds another functional bonus. Open it up and sneak al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� al���Ƴ�Â��ƴ�Ã��ƶ�Å�� Is there anywhy to resolve this? (I am using recordset in coding for developing import process.) please help me soon.


How can we update records in gridview?Is there any appropriate code for it?


how to write html code with ssl


We are using Jscriopt validations and at clint site javascript is not running that time validation would work? if yes then how it would behave?


what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET? please explain clearly??


Dataset is the disconnected environment. suppose if you are binding records to gridview (disconnected environment) and you are making changes to the the grid but before updating the database if any other user modify the data, how will you avoid such problem?


Can we make activex dll also ti execute in some process as that of client ? How can we do?


is gateway for sms continue connected for sending


i have 3+ exp in .net? i am going interview now but they asked me do you know any TOOL? which tool will i study please refer me?


I want to connect a system in LAN and I want to access that. Whenever I am moving a mouse in my desktop, the similar thing has to happen in another system in which I have connected. I need coding for this in C# and ASP.NET Can anyone please help me. It is very urgent. Thanks in advance. My email id is Will you please?