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is it possible to develop gaming application using .net technology?

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Can we make a class with class with same;suppose public class abc { public class abc { } }

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suppose we have two object;obj1 and obj2 can we assign obj2 to one1; and if yes; then after assigning suppose we delete obj2 then obj1 will retain obj2 value or not.

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What is itemrowdatabound for a datagrid?


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How to create a permanent cookie?


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How to store a dataset in a viewstate?


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What's the advantage of using System.Text.StringBuilder over System.String?

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What is .netmodule and how is different from .dll and .exe


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What is source control?How to use in

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Types of exceptions in dot net???


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I have prepared A Dynamic website in with c# and using Ms Sql server 2005 as backend database.i am facing problem while uploading this site on my FTP address it is not accessing the database.please could u tell me how cn i upload Sqlserver database on the web and what would be the connection string...???? I am using Server=".";initial catalog=databasename;persist security info=false;integrated security=SSPI;...pleas help me... Thanks in Advance..

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how can i deploy a a company so that all employees may access application on their different computers and share a single database. plz tell me the steps to do it..thanks.

1 2139 page is a object or not?

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In, if a webpage seems too slow to load completely in th ebrowser. In this case what are the checkings or actions you will take to rectify the slowness or which are the factors related to this issue? How we can trace it?

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In application, if a webpage or total application seems too slow or getting delayed to load completely in the browser. As a developer, what are the checkings or actions you will take in the application or server side to rectify the slowness or delay load or which are the factors related to this issue? How we can trace it?

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i want to implement grid view value in paypal site. so how to create this code in with C#


there is two functions function a and function b like fun a(){.... ..... } fun b() { } in function b i write the coding to add two numbers and i need to dispaly the sum result in function a with out using global variable. how we do?


what is publisher?


What are Session states available and its Uses?


if i wanna deploy my project to the production server and situation is that i m still not compiled my project i have as-is on my development side now on production server we dont have a visual studio now what kind of settings i need to be to do in webconfig /machine.config file to deploy my project and in iis too....


is there any third party tools are using in .net technologies? what are there ? give me the brief introduction?


How would ASP and ASP.NET applications run at the same time on the same server?


What is the basic purpose of the required field validator? How can you use a required field validator to check that the user changes the initial value of a text box? a listbox?


What is Difference between Production Serves and Development Servers? And Suppose, m adding/deleting C# file in a project based on the Specific Requirement. These Files are Automatically updated in Production Servers? So Which tool is needed to do This One?


what is AutoEventWireUp and what is the use of This property explain in details?


if i want to give an alert message like "try after sometime" to a web page which is being seen by other person.if a web page is not seen by anyone then it should display otherwise it show a display a message stating that other person is viewing so try after some can i implement this.


what cut off mark for po's,what questions they asked for interview?


how to elimainte the similar data from the different tables


Can any body provide me the sample web application in


how can create login from create and written conde in