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ASP.NET Interview Questions
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after which page life cycle event all properties of control will be "fully loaded "


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what is the difference between this.controls and page.form1.controls and me.controls?


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can u debug application programatically? if yes how?



which event in global.asx that fires for every request of same user?


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how can you handle "control is not part of this page " error?


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if you disable view state of a textbox will it maintain data during postbacks.if yes reason

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i wand basic interview based questions in and

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what is aspcompat? what it does?

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I am having four text boxes in my web application. I am setting Required Field validator to each Text box. And I am having two buttons in my application. If i clicked the first button only first two text box validation will get fire. Dont show error message for remaining two text box. If i clicked second button last two text box validation will get fired. It will not consider the first two validation controls. That is how to enable and disable the validation controls.

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Suppose, I have 3 pages, Page1.aspx, Page2.aspx, Page3.aspx. All pages are in diff. server. When user req. for a page, Page1.aspx opens Ist & a session established. If user req. for IIn page, second session established. Similarly, 3rd session established if user req. 3rd page. In this scenario, tot. 03 sessions are established. How we can minimize it so that it will work with only one session?

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How do you a replicate a set of controls across a number of ASP Pages

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If you have to replicate a set of controls(UI) across a number of web pages, what will you do

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what is the dllhell? why we use the dllhell?

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we are working in .net namespaces like using,system.text. these namespace before we use "using " keyword what means of using?

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If there are two web.config files in a application which config files will get priority?

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What is different authentication mechanisms used in ASP.NET?


To load your generated dataset with data which method do you invoke?


How to store checkbox value in database in mvc? : Asp.Net MVC


What is active web page?


Where is session cookies stored?


Explain the difference between authentication and authorization.


What is the difference between the get method () and post method ()?


What is a postback url?


What are the different methods of session maintenance in


Is data edited in the Repeater control?


What is the equivalent of date() and time() in


What is a server farm in iis?


Describe the events in the life cycle of a web application.


What is x xss protection?


What is the sequence in which ASP.NET events are processed?