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C Sharp Interview Questions
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If i have 100 objects in my application are out of scope.when first time garbage collected how many objects memory reference are free?

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What are the keywords used to pass parameters to the base class and how do I invoke other constructors.

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This is Kishore i am MCA graduate i have percentage less(52%) in my 10th still i completed .NET course any body tell me how to put fake experience with my BSC degree if you do not mind tell me some fake certificates giving consultencies names in Chennai,Bangalore

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i have a question which is quite simple but yet complicated for me my question is why do we use void, if it does not return anything to the compiler? if it is used for normal display it can also be done by what is called Console.Write() or Consol.WriteLine() and if i do not use void with my method then my compiler throws me an error. if i return a value say integer then i write public int fun() display of the result can also be done here then why is it so necessary to use void with a function and why so compiler throw us an error if v don't use void return type?

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What is GAC?


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What is delegates & multicast delegate?


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What is Interface? Explain with an example.


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What is difference between Convert.ToString(variable) and variable.ToString()


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which datatype i have to use we i need dynamic size.for eg. empname .in first row it have only five chars.but next row it have 100 chars.

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if i used stored procedure for retrieving the data from sql front end i had used data reader.when 100 records are there in table.when it has displayed ten records in frontend database has been collapsed.then where should our data available...

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what is dynamic sql

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What is piller of OOPS in C#.

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Why multiple Inheritence is not used in C#?


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Can we define a variable with the access modifier private in an interface?


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can we declare a variable by name "this" in a class? Please explain?


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What is the difference between structure and class in c#?


Explain the advantage of using system.text.stringbuilder over system.string?


How to Show Message box in Metro Style App?


Differentiate between the public and private ?


What is an array of arrays called?


Suppose two interfaces have same method, so how will you implement these methods in derive class?


What do you mean by shared assembly?


What is the function of the not null constraint?


What is a delegate in c#?


What is data types in c#?


What is attribute c#?


What are the types of operator?


What is the difference between IEnumerator and IEnumerable?


What is the default value of guid in c#?


What is use of a HashTable in .NET?