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C Sharp Interview Questions
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What is a HashCode?

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Code to run exe like mspaint,autocad etc in

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What’s the difference between System.String and System.Text.StringBuilder classes with example

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int a = '3' + '4'; char n = (char)a; What will be answer of n?

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How to navigate from one page(form) to another page(form) using give me the example

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Difference between string and stringbuilder?

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code to generate a excel sheet and to write data into it --- -it has to fetch the excel sheet which is in one folder placed by us inside a project folder(i,e it has to create a instance of that excel sheet) and write the data into it row by row please respond as early as possible

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Hai I am Shiva from TN, SSE.I have an query problem. My Table : Door Field : ID,DoorID,ZoneID,Date,Time,Status. Problem was : Status.We got two values, one is 00 (OUTTIME) , Another is 01(INTIME) Like this Status --------- 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 How to Set as Status 00 and 01 , of separate column , Status as Intime,Status as Outtime Like this ----------- InTime OutTime ---------- ----------- 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 01 00 Regards KS kumar

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what is satelite assembly?


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What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?

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What is a delegate?

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Can you prevent a class from overriding?

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What is Dispose method in .NET?

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What is ENUM?

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Hai, I want to open a new form while the previous form is hiding or closing. I tried this with using MDI.I created one form like ParentForm.placed one button control.when clicked one that it opend new form like ChildForm.When i set the property of ChildForm to Maximize,but the ParentForm button control also appearing on the childform. so plz help me how to hide parentform controls(hide parentform while it is childform opened) thanq..

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What is collection of classes in c#?


Which is the best language for desktop application?


What is the use of ispostback in c#?


What are Regex / regular expressions ?


Explain data types in c#?


What is the default value of singleordefault?


Is c# used for any core features of windows vista?


Difference between a sub and a function in c#.


What is the difference between interface and inheritance in c#?


Explain the difference between a struct and a class?


What is yield break in c#?


How can an inner class access the members of outer class?


What is indexer c#?


What is the use of static in c#?


How to generate strong name key file or which command is used to generated strong name key file?