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If we inherit a class do the private variables also get inherited ?


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What does virtual keyword mean ?


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What is Dispose method in .NET ?

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Where are all .NET Collection classes located ?


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What is the difference between readonly and const


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3. Use layered architecture for coding. s.no name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close


How can we Achieve Late binding in C#.Can any give one example.

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windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server


datagridview using updata in windows c#

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localization using windows c#

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What are the valid parameter types we can pass in an Indexer ?


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How you will handle session when deploying application in more than a server? Describe session handling in a webform, how does it work and what are the limits?


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Which is the best institute in hyderabad to learn Sharepoint Portal?


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How to raise an selection changed event associated with listbox in datagridview control with a sample example?Here the listbox is a child control associated with datagridview control.

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what is a callback function?

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write code for inserting and updating recoards in sql server database using connected architecture & records shoulds displayed in grid view ( use c# )


how can one use hcl and c sharp together?


windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server


There were a lot of questions asked, so I will list the topic (and add a what is "topic" and know pros/cons). Extreme programming, what is a transaction, various SDLC design approaches, what is a namespace, define a good test case, what is a stored proc, webservice? design patterns? linker? compiler? access modifiers? stack vs. queue? arrays vs. linked lists? sorting algorithms? recursion? OOP principles?


how to Create a datagridview control with check box column with 8rows in it, the maximum number of check boxes checked should be 3, when user checks the 4th corresponding message should be displayed and check box should be checked. User can uncheck the checked boxes Note: read-only property should not be used


how to insert the data from the grid view to database table though button click.pls send the answer to mail id suri1319@gmail.com


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


Write a console application and implement the ternary operator to decide whether the age a user entered after being prompted is allowed to vote or not(given that only citizens between 18 and 120 years only inclusive can vote). Use exception handling for non-numerical input.


explain the nature of the assembly work?


what is .NET framework architecture ??


if you do have a stack overflow profile.what is your ranking?


Hi to all..I have to create an intranet application on C#.NET windows Application so please please let can you people help me as iam new in .NET and if u have any samples or website address from where i can get sample please let know.


update data in an xml file which resides in solution itself, using silverlight 4.0


write program in c# using this instructions name avinash varma ,work experiance<2,nochildren his work experiance is higher than 5 years,more than one children one children name is diwakar,number of years of work eperiance at current company is the ratio of children and work experiance is 0.21 to 0.5


Hello! How to do this: "Create manifest utility intended for creating update content files. Application should take a set of files as input parameter and generate XML based manifest file as output one." I use C# and vs.net 2003. It's urgent! Help please, thanks. Mayana