Visual Basic Interview Questions
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What is Parser Bug?


What is the Dll required for running the VB?

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Can We create CGI scripts in VB?

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How to change the Mouse Pointer?

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How to check the condition in Msgbox?

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What is difference between datagrid and flexgrid?

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What is ADO? What are its objects ?

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What is Dataware Control?

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What are two validate with Data Control?

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Record set types and Number available in Visual Basic?

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What is the diff between RDO and ADO?

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How can we call Stored procedure of Back End in RDO and ADO ?

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What is the different between Microsoft ODBC Driver and Oracle OBDC Driver?

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What are the Technologies for Accessing Database from Visual Basic?

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What is MAPI ?

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What is DAO?


what is the Difference between Recordset and Querydef?


How many File System Controls are there Explain?


Why can't I use an index with my VB accessed database?


Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes? Specify the function names.


How do I do Peek and Poke and other low-level stuff?


Which method is preferred to save datas like database?


1.What are the Feactures visual data manager 2.Short note on visual data manager 3.What is data control,its work,properties,methods 4.Needs for OLEDB in vb 5.LIst steps involved in generating christal report 6.What is a recordset 7.Diffrence between RDO and ADO 8.What is an Activex control 9.Advantages of ADO over data control 10.Diffrence between model and modeless form 11.What is the significance of debug window 12.Diffrence between single document and multiple document 13.Explain data report


Types of Resultsets.


What is ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?


Specify technical & functional architecture of your last 2 projects.


How would you navigate between one document to another document in Internet Explorer ?


Explain the differences between ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?


Which method is used to write context Into file?


How to find the current record position in data control?