Visual Basic Interview Questions
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How many images can be placed in the image list ?

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What is Zorder Method?

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What is diff between the Generic Variable and Specific Variable?

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What are properties available in Clip Board?

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What is Dll?

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What is Tabstrip control? What is the starting Index value? How to locate it?

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Why we use Treeview Control?

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What is the diff between the Create Object and Get object?

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What is Collection Objects?

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What is Static Variable?

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What is Implicit?

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What are the scope of the class?


What are the Style Properties of Combo Box?

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What are the Style properties of List Box?

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What are the different types of Dialog Box?

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What type of databases you can access through ADO Data Access Object?


Write the steps in Creating ActiveX Dll and Active Exe?


How can you Navigate from the DHTML application to another DHTML application? .


Difference between Class Module and Standard Module?


what are the Differences between Recordset and Resultsets?


Hi, I am USINg QTP tool for automation. Where VB Script have to use. I want to read a row from the table present in .Doc File and to paste in excel. Could you please assist me or give me the code to get it. I am new in this technology.


How do I implement an incremental search in list/dir/combo/file boxes?


How can you get selected file from file system Control?


What is the use of progress Bar Control?


What are the new events in textbox that has been included in VB ?


advantage and disadvantage in visual-basic and ms-access please tell me or send my mail-id


How can I change the printer Windows uses in code without using the print common dialog? How can I change orientation?


What are the types of Error? In which areas the Error occurs?


Explain the types of Views in Listview Control.


How do I get the number of free bytes on a disk?