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Cell Biology Interview Questions
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Explain the Growth Harmones of plant?

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Explain the enzymes ?

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Explain about Tissue ?

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what is the difference between flagella and cell walls?

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how are cell wals important to bacterial cells?

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Define the term oxidative phosphorylation?

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if you had to explain the following to a ten year old, how would you do it: lysosomes, golgi apparatus, ribosomes, mitochondria

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a cell plamolyzes when placed in a aqueous solution

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how is osmosis related to diffusion?

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what are the two things needed for osmosis to take place?

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why does casein solution turn colourless when trypsin is added?

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what is DNA?

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what's the function of amphipathic protein ?

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1. what does it mean to say that a membrane is selectively permeable? 2. Why are the several carbohydrate side chains attached to hydrophilic rather than hydrophobic regions of the membrane protein ?

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What is the function of cellmembrane in the movement of of substances in and out of the cell?

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Un-Answered Questions { Cell Biology }

What are plant cell vacuoles? What are their functions? How is the covering membrane of the vacuoles called?


what is Resolution?


Explain how many cells are in the average human brain?


What are the main structures within the cell nucleus?


Tell something about Western blots on contaminated cell cultures of Mycoplasma ?


what substances is the nucleolus made? Is there a membrane around the nucleolus?


Explain the main products of plasma cells called?


Explain the Procedure for Testing for binding of mutant proteins to cell surface receptors?


What do you know about the transfection of primary cortical neurons?


What are cilia and flagella? How do these structures acquire movement? What are some examples of ciliated and flagellated cells in humans?


Describe Bone marrow transplantation ?


what do you know about Retroviral transduction of mouse t lymphocytes ?


what is bicistronic retroviral vector?


What is the wall resistance of plant cells? Does this resistance facilitate or make it difficult the entrance of water in the cell?


How much can transient transfection expected from Lipofectamine 2000(Invitrogen)?