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Oracle Forms Reports Interview Questions
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What is the Maximum allowed length of Record group Column?

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What are the different types of Record Groups?

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What is a Query Record Group?

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What is a Non Query Record Group?

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What is a Static Record Group?

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What are the built-ins used for Creating and deleting groups?

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What are the built -ins used for Modifying a group's structure?

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What are the built-ins used for Getting cell values?

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What are built-ins used for Processing rows?

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What are the built-ins used for finding Object ID function?

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What are the built-in used for getting cell values?

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What are the built-ins used for processing rows?

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What are the built-ins used for finding object ID functions?

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Use the add_group_column function to add a column to record group that was created at a design time?

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Use the Add_group_row procedure to add a row to a static record group 1. true or false?

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Forms Reports }

what the 'lov of validation' property of an item? Mention what is the difference between lov and list item?


Explain the different levels at which oracle form services interact.


what is tripstop report?


Why oracle forms required?


how report can be generated if we have the database designed in oracle 10g?


from where do u receive the information to develop report


what is oracle forms?


Can you convert a bit-mapped report to ASCII (character-mode) Report ? How ?


Name the different triggers supported by oracle reports and their firing order.


if some data is not transfered where it will get stored


Is it possible to have multiple layouts in a report?


how to send file attachment from oracle forms


i am having a report Jan to Dec are the columns if the present month is Mar only Mar to Dec columns should appear in report output


What is an implicit anchor and how is it a different form explicit anchor in a report builder?


What do we mean by record group in oracle forms?