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Database Management Interview Questions
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what is "TABLE" datatype ?

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What is the Result of the following 'VIK'||NULL||'RAM' ?

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Does the Database trigger will fire when the table is TRUNCATED ?

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what the SUBSTR(SQUARE ANS ALWAYS WORK HARD,14,6) will return ?

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what the REPLACE('JACK AND JUE','J','BL') will return ?

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What the TRANSLATE('333SQD234','0123456789ABCDPQRST','0123456789') will return ?

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Is it possible to modify a Datatype of a column when column contains values?

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Explain different types of Views ?

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what is Data Definiton Language ?


What are the the different Data Manipulation Language statements are?

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If an UNIQUE KEY constraint on DATE column is created, will it accept duplicate values?

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What are the different events in Triggers ?

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What built in subprogram is used to manipulate images in image items ?

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Can we pass RECORD GROUP between FORMS ?

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What will the SHOW_ALERT function returns ?

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How to prevent firebird.log file from filling up the disk partition?


What are the different stages in 'data warehousing'?


What are different types of joins in the sql?


What is correlated subquery in dbms?


What is meant by database system?


What are the two types of indexes and explain them in detail? Or what's the difference between clustered and non-clustered indexes?


What are the two types of data independence?


What database should I learn first?


Differentiate between nested loop, hash loop and merge join.


Why not phenix, the zelinka/otwinoski libraries, etc?


What is a functional dependency in the dbms?


What are the six database objects?


What is the best database management system?


Enlist the various relationships of database.


What is pdo database?