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Database Management Interview Questions
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what is the difference between securityand protection in dbms?

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What is cluster table or non_cluster table?

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If I delete a table and then rollback it, do the index on the table remains? What if I drop the table and roll back?Do index on the table remains? What if I truncate the table and roll back? Do the index on the table remains


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what is s/w lifecycle?


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what is s/w lifecycle?


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i have table as source table and flat file as target i need yo perform some logic in loading the data. is it posible? and one more thing the no of fields in source is 200+ and for target is 30+ how i can map them.........


what is difference between paging and fragmentation?

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what is difference between clustering and mirroring?


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difference between generalisation,specialisation and aggregation? with examples.


what are primary key and foreign key ?


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What are the package used in DBMS ?


hi, i am new to database cau give me link where can i get about databse..


1.If we have a Salary coloumn in Staff entity with this description the salary must be monetary and >=$35450.00, how we can write it in into schemain SQL? 2. If we have Weight and Marks in Assessment entity and the Weight has the description of this it must be Non-zero percentage. And also the Marks attribute stores the maximum possible raw mark for assessment (e.g., 30), while Weight stores of the weight of this assessment for the paper as a whole (e.g., 10%). If Marks is not specified, then Weight is used for both. How we can convert this into schema in SQL????


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How to create student table through query with a numeric column of ID and Name of Chaeacter and D-O-B with date type in database What will be the query for this purpose?


What is a file in a database?


Explain what is a deadlock and mention how it can be resolved?


What are the drawback of rdbms?


What do you understand by the view and mention the steps to create, update and drop a view?


What is a clustered database?


Is there a way to detect whether fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll is loaded?


Define ddl and dml.


In which phase of mload can I use .filler?


Where is database data stored?


What is system r? How many of its two major subsystems?


What is a key field?


What are the different technologies used to access Database from Visual Basic?


What is an extensible database?


What is a candidate key in a database?