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SAP Netweaver Interview Questions
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Where will u create the logical system name?

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I am getting error like this unable to convert the business system name to ale logiocal system name wt’s the problem?

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Which is gives good performance idoc/ proxy?

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When we use proxy and wn we use for idoc?

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How many control, datarecors and status records contain idoc?

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Wt is the diff between basic type and idoc type?

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In ur landscape wt r the systems are available?

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Wt is the receiver str jdbc?


What is the component monitoring?

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Wt is the use of update query in jdbc adapter?


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Why did u use the flag field in jdbc table?

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sap -->pi-->sap scenario. config in both sap and pi?



How comfortable are you with Node functions?Explain formatByExample


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Sample udfs


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Is it necessary to install SAP Web AS for SAP CRM to run IC web client?


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what is the difference between xi and other integrations ie. tibco,web methods


How will you monitor the http adapter?


Which is gives good performance idoc/ proxy?


Why we need to create receiver agreement for idoc?


RFC adapter parameters?


1. psa is supports error handling concept and also in bi 7.0 i think it is supports error handling concept what is difference ? 2. how to delete record wise in psa? 3. dtp disadvantages? 4. info source is mandatory in bi7.0 . 5. if we will get any error in bw 3.5 what will we do ? check psa and manually rectify error and load it again? in bi 7.0 what will we do if any error we got? delta disadvantages? 7. how to explain sales flow simply say frnds? of the interviewer asked me what is Ur business flow how can i say that ?


How do you decide use of NWBC and SAP GUI logon?


what is variable substitution?where we will find it?


What is lock management in sap system? Explain.


What is the use of program id in sender rfc adapter?


What do you understand by Transport routes?


What is partner profile?tell me the parameter of partner profile?Tcode for creating a partner profile?


What are the key features of the portal?


Why do we take receiver side idoc adapter?


How to identify lock table overflow issue?