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DB Administration Interview Questions
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How would you force a log switch?

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Give two methods you could use to determine what DDL changes have been made.

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What does coalescing a tablespace do?

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What is the difference between a TEMPORARY tablespace and a PERMANENT tablespace?

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Name a tablespace automatically created when you create a database.

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When creating a user, what permissions must you grant to allow them to connect to the database?

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How do you add a data file to a tablespace?

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How do you resize a data file?

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What view would you use to look at the size of a data file?

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What view would you use to determine free space in a tablespace?

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How would you determine who has added a row to a table?

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How can you rebuild an index?

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Explain what partitioning is and what its benefit is.

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You have just compiled a PL/SQL package but got errors, how would you view the errors?

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How can you gather statistics on a table?

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How would you extract DDL of a table without using a GUI tool?


What are the different types of indexes available in sql server? : sql server DBA


how do we explain a project in cognos in an interview? please help me. Also how do we perform testing in cognos after creating reports?


I have kept recovery catalog on same target database and taken backup of target DB to disk. deleted the target DB & tried to restore and revoer DB using the backup on disk but it is not possible, how do we restore & recover DB


how can you record information about current session?


List out some of the requirements to setup a sql server failover cluster.? : sql server DBA


how can you get actual data change values from previous transactions in oracle?


how does an oracle clusterware manage crs resources?


what is logical system in sap basis


What are the operating modes in which database mirroring runs? : sql server DBA


how can you process messages in order asynchronously?


What the different components in replication and what is their use? : sql server DBA


what are the differences of where and if in SAS?


how can you find out if a table can be redefined?


How would you go about verifying the network name that the local_listener is currently using?