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SAP AllOther Interview Questions
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on what is the process of transfer of Overhead cost from production Cost centres to Productuon orders?



on what is the process of transfer of Overhead cost from production Cost centres to Productuon orders?



Hi all , to get job earlier wchich one sap crm , siebel crm or oracle crm is better ?


I need to create a segment type named as 'zpkdet'. But it is not getting created with this name. Message is displayed as " could not created" I am able to create segment with any other name as- zpkdet1..etc. But they are useless for me. T code to create segment is- we31


what is the difference between sap r/3 and sap all in one?

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I have created few RFCs and idocs to use them from client side. RFCs have got connected with the client and were visible when i cliked on 'Browse' button but Idocs are not getting visible there. I have also released them but no effect. What can be the issue?


Hallo, i have a question concerning the SAPBEX.xla, for making VBA Coding centrally available. I have a macro, i would like to keep centrally in modules, so that it is available for all new created workbooks like the BEX functions made available for all workbooks. My question is can i do that with the SAPBEX.XLA? Can i enhance SAPBEX.xla with individual modules? Or can i add a new xla different than the SAPBEX.xla? Thanks for all answers. The more the better.


Pl let me know as what are the below listed are rquired for installing SAP 1. Operating system (Which one & whether pirated is ok?) 2. Hard disk capacity/ Space 3. Can DEMO version be installed?

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Hi all, I am Anitha working as a sofware tester. I am just starting to build a career in SAP. But, being a software tester I am not sure which module to choose. I am more inclined to management side of SAP for example CRM. At the same time want to technically sound too. I am a B.Tech graduate in computer science and MS in UK. Could somebody help me choose the module in SAP plz. Thank you.

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Can any when tell me the scenarios of MDM with ABAp?am wotking on ABAP and my company is going to assign MDM project to me? what are the roles and responsibleities of MDM consultant as an ABAPer??ASAP

Bristle Cone,


what is meant by DataFile and how is Memory Management done in SAP?


I am Bsc(Phy). With 12 years of experience in desktop support, 3 years in service desk and 3 years in IT asset managment. I am willing to switch to SAP. Seek member advice how to proceed step by step with less risk.


hello, can any one send the sap oil and gas and sap utilities contents/scenarios to my id = thanks and awaiting for your early response.


Why pboo condition type automatically assigns in contract and info record.


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Hi Can some one enlighten me about Remedy ticketing tool used for SAP Support. I am interested to know the work flow. ie how ticket is logged, how it is communicated to the concerned consultant, how link is established between user and consultant, what are the reports available etc.


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Mention different modules in sap?


Explain me how many sap sessions can you work on at a given time?


Explain about SAP WM module?


Mention what is the difference between the "residual payment" and "partial payment" methods of allocating cash in account receivable?


Explain about SAP CS module?


How can you find a list of all t-codes in the sap system?


What is sap and what are the different products of sap?


Explain me what is the difference between sap basis and sap abap?


Mention what are the standard stages of the sap payment run?


How to reuse sapui5 views?


From health and safety point what are things to be taken care while warehouse transportation?


State the ways of migration from sap to simple finance?


Tell me what is the process to create a table in the data dictionary?


Explain what is a company in sap?


Tell us what are transparent table?