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SAP Security Interview Questions
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What is Business Process? Explain about the Business Process Procure to Pay?


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why do you think keylabs is best inistitute in bangalore for sap security, I am looking for sap security training with GRC, do u suggest keylabs or any other inistitute

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how to secure the customizing Tcodes in sap

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. Is it possible to have a request type by which we can change the validity period of a user? If possible, then what are the actions?

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1 .what are the authorization switches in security


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use of T-code SE63

IBM, Satyam,

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why fire fighter id is using in the production system ?


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how to modify a mass users validity,address, a time ?


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why we are using the landscape in sap r/3 ?


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what is the difference between su25 & su24 , when we can make the authorization checks in su25 then what is the use of su24

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what are the prerequisites we should take before assigning sap_all to a user even we have approval from authorization controllers ?


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I have deleted single role from composite role now i want to find out the changes in composite role without using SUIM. Is there any other possibilitie to get?

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what are the prerequisites we should take before assigning sap_all to a user even we have approval from authorization controllers ?

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What are the Critical Tcodes and Authorization Objects in R/3.

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Hi Experts, can any one let me know the Tables which we use for compliance calibrator & Access enforcer of grc and please let me know the background jobs of grc, Please it's urgent so please answer as soon as possible to these questions , I really appreciate your help, Thanks karunakar



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What does the item category specify in a purchasing order in SAP Materials Management?


What profile versions?


what is authorization object and authorization object class?


What is sso in sap security?


what is user master record and what it contains?


What appears as the last sentence in sap note 587410? What does it men and how would you restrict it?


Giving fire call access and extending fire call access by using VIRSA’s VFAT tool? can u brief give the explanation


Can you explain sap system transactions?


could anyone tell me how we can copy the mass roles from sap_all profiles???????


How can I do a mass delete of the roles without deleting the new roles?


what things you have to take care before executing run system trace?


The user wants to create like a time table in BEX but when the open BEX its showing empty screen . in this situation what will u do.. And How will solve u …What r the steps u will take the to solve the solution..


how a t code works


What is the main purpose of parameters, groups & personalization tabs?


How do I change the name of master / parent role keeping the name of derived/child role same? I would like to keep the name of derived /child role same and also the profile associated with the child roles.