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SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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what is a process chain and types? use of process chain and differences between bi7.0/bw3.5 about process chains and where to be use?

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What is Authorization and types? what are uses and explain me in detailed?

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what is an index and types? what is use and where to be used?

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what is a dimension table and types? explain about line item dimension and high cardinality and uses, in which case suppose to be use?

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what are types of update rules and transfer rules? and what are the routines to be used in bw 3.5?

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what are the common errors occur during data loading and perfornance level?

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What is occurence



What is I_step1,I_step2,I_step3 in customer exit


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1.What is exception Aggregation? give Example? 2.what Cell formating? and Advantages?

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how many types of infocubes are there

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when do we use infocube and ODS??? (scenario)

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what r the diff types of conditions in reporting??

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what is fullform of sap & college, institute of sap course


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R/3 extraction failed - recovery procedure?

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what are the pre requisites for BI content installation?

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What is customization.


How do you transform OH data?


What are the web related tuning we can do?


How New TSH Hierarchy top node TSH_SITE to be loaded into BI/BW.??


what is the difference between pdf and excel format after saving the report?


What is the licensing requirement you should be aware of?


where can we find transport return codes


How do you access to source system data in bi without extraction?


What are the precautions to generate a report on DSO in sap Bi?


Explain bp master data?


I have 3 cubes for that I created multiprovider and I created a report for that but I didn’t get data in that report what happen?


What are the options to calculate result as ? summation?


Hi, I need to know anything and everything abt datamarts and thier behaviours. Please suggest any links/whitepapers/articles which explain datamarts from scratch. This is required for my admin job at hand. Appreciate your help :)


Is it possible to convert a standard infocube to real time infocube?


What is the dimension in bw?