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SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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how do u deceided to go create Aggregates for cube. what purpose u want to create aggregates?

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how can u correct the error in loading for Delta failure

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where do u find the option "REPAIR REQUEST"? WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT?

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iam saritha sap bw learner, 1.when going to activate the ods,the error comes,i.e,STDO. log could not be written on output device T. 2.AFTER CREATION OF ODS ,WHEN I ENTER INTO THAT ODS FOR UPDATE REULES, THEN SYSTEM THROUGH AN ERROR"ODS - PRAM IS NOT ACTIVE" WHEN I AM DOING

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what are the uses of routines like transfer routine, update routine, start routine. what are the differences? where we will actually define them?


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what is line item dimension? when we need them? how we will come to know we need to create line item dimensions?


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What are the T.code using in Production support. briefly explain the use of those code?

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Is it possible to cancel the "collapse" process in Process chain. if yes. Briefly expalin how to cancel the process.

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what is diffarences between QUEUE DELTA & DIRECT DELTA.

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What is the RRI. what is the sructure of RRI.any conditions for RRI.


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How can we stop the Collapse process in process chain.


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wt is difference between user group and reference user group?


what is many types of dso's

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where and why we use info provider,multi provider & infosets?

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how to create info package from ods to ods then to infocube for process chain

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Explain about the multi-provider in the sap?


what is ods (operational data store)?


What is the alpha check execution program?


What exactly do you know about business warehouse statistics?


What does the program RSMDCNVEXIT check?


How do you transform open hub data?


I don't have master data it will possible to load transaction data? it is possible is there any other steps to do that one


Describe the new BW 3.x authorizations?


What is 1 ROWCOUNT key figure?


What does rollup do?


We have standard info objects given in sap why you created zinfo objects can u tell me the business scenario


What are the general tuning guidelines?


What is a repair request?


What is the option of ?pause Automatic Refresh??


What is the difference between ECC 6.0 and 6.4