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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Pls help me in Auditing (SAP). I found a big amount in Exchange rate diference a/c, How I can Audit Exchange rate Difference,,, Which area I have care to find the fault?


Is it possible to assign a cost center to a plant? if yes, then how?

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How entry pass into cost center and profit center? Plz. give the transaction code.

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Can we directly pass an entry to CO without FI? If yes, then how?

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What is planned and unplanned depreciation?

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I've getting this msg "could not determine year for TDS certificate number range" when I'm posting TDS on Rent invoice

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Hi, Need a interview question and answer for different company's please revert me soon Yash

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Fixed Assets Depreciation Calculation - Tax and Costing Could you please provide me the configuration steps required for Fixed Assets Depreciation for Indian Tax purpose and Costing.

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What is the difference between Standard Hierarchy and Alternate Hierarchy?

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What is the difference between Assessment and Distribution and in what context they are used?

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What is GR/IR and its grouping, whats the process for GR/IR adjustments done?

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what is different between company code &controlling area

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Hello ALL My user posting the frieght clearing he is getting error on Bill Accounting issue frieght clearing provision account is not getting cleared at the time of accounting He has done sucessfully GRN but in account frieght clearing in not appering can any body give me suggestion on same Regards vamsi


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When we use 4 special periods? Please calrify with example.


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How the system will find a House bank in APP? I want to run the program if more than two house banks. Then how system will allot the vendor line items to different banks?

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What are posting periods?


how to delte g/l if transaction are updated. :- hi expertise how to delete the g/l a/c if the transaction are updated in. whether any possibility to delete. let me know. thanks in advance


Where can you use the internal order?


How do you create tasks? What is the max number of tasks you created in your previous projects ?


Can anyone have SAP-CO module ppt for begineers?


Describe a purchase cycle? : fi- accounts payable


When a standard cost estimate is run for a finished good does sap calculate cost estimate for its components such as raw and packing material?


Hi What is a STAGING CLIENT in our Land scape? a bit of confusion in this


Hi all, what is the main difference between ABAV,ABAVON AND ABAVN? i have seen the related answer but there is some please provide the most suitable answer. thanks in advance


what is documentation in SAP FI? and what is reporting in SAP FI?


What is an intermediate bank? : fi- general ledger master data


What is profitability analysis (co-pa)? : co- general controlling


How input and output taxes are taken care in sap?


Can both account-based and costing based profitability analysis be configured at the same time?


How does group chart of accounts differ from operating chart of accounts?