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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How you can perform field-validation in your dialog program ?


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I want to display the different data on the multiple main windows of the form in Sapscript. Is it possible ? If yes, then How?


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Hi All , Please mail me Interview Questions Related to SAP ABAP WITH CRM FUNCTIONAL EXPERIENCE please help me out ASAP as i m in Great need of Help.. my email Id is Thanks and Regards surendhar


What is the difference b/w BAPI and Function module


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What is the max no of screen no's we create

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1/ what r the parameter used in alv report ?



how to make split command reusable?


how to call the smart form from the report?is it Possible or not?

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how many types of table types ?

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Hi, If anyone is interested in SAP ABAP from basics to Expert. Email me your contact details to

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Table ztest has a secondary index on the following fields: tnum, tcode. Select * from ztest where tnum ne '123' and tcode = '456'. Why is the index not used in the above case? Choices: a) Indexes are not allowed on Z tables b) Variables must be used, NOT literals c) Select individual fields, not select * d) Client is not in the where clause e) NE invalidates the use of an index Info: Can someone explain in detail why this happened? It will be really helpful to handle to case in Secondary index:

SAP Labs,

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why SAP scripts are client dependent and smart forms are not?


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How to upload a flat file from a legacy system into sap using BAPI ? And i also want the flat File to be uploaded in another Client.. ie suppose i am working in client 800 , i want run the BAPI and upload the file to Client suppose 000 directly from 800.



hi friends, while sending idoc's to receiving system,i got msg type 3 and 12 in sender side.but in receiving side while executing we02 ,i am getting error 'no idocs selected' instead of getting msg type i am simply sending one material from one client to other client.if anybody knows that problem ky revert back.

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Hi, I have a requirement for locking the fax field in user master records. As you know user can edit the details using the System>profile>own data (SU3), it is causing some security threat to our model. What i want is users should not be able to change the fax field under communications when they get into su3.I have heard of user Exist functionality but don't know how to implement it. Can you suggest something, it will be greatly appreciated.


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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

What is append search help? : sap abap data dictionary


What are the uses of secondary indexes?


What kind of deliverables you have on a day to day basis?


What are the data types of internal tables?


What is the name of the system variable that holds the contents of the selected line in interactive reporting?


Is sap xi intended to replace ale?


What is the difference between dialog program and a report?


How do you set up background jobs in sap? What are the steps? What are the event driven batch jobs?


What are the types of the software component being deployed in the sap?


How do you differentiate tax for different countries? : sap abap hr


What are the Control levels in internal tables?


What are client dependant objects in abap/sap?


How do you write transaction programs in sap?


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Explain what is an rdbms?