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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How Calculate TOTALS,SUBTOTALS in ALV Reporting?

HP, Satyam,

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how can u write in single program call transaction and session method logic? if u write logic in call transaction ,is there any errors ? how can u see in session ?


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if u take one worst program how can u bebugg in application server & database server?


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what u can do in technical spec(i mean from functional spec what r u writing in tech spec)?


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what is code review, when u can do?


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what is meant by ale configuration? what can u do in ale configuration?


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what is meant by idoc filtering?


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where can u find user-exits & bapi?


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I am trying to automate a manual processing of iDOCs in BD87. I used the following code to pass idoc-id to global variable 'DCN' and then skip the first screen of BD87 to go to processing directly. After running this code SET PARAMETER ID 'DCN' FIELD itabhdr-idoc_id. CALL TRANSACTION 'BD87' AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN. it takes me to the first screen because it cannot recognize my idoc-id. How I can pass idoc-id to global? I have used the above code to goto VA02 with VBELN and it worked perfectly.

Cibernetix Business Systems,

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plz listen carefully sir,in alv reports how i insert logo into alv grid(if it is tcode 'oaer' )?tell me procedure, in the same report how insert background logo tell me the procedure please?


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how to stretch the report size in standard tool bar.


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what is the diffreence between sap memory and abap memory plz give the example


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I need the coding for BDC program to upload Purchase orders of known vendor (ME21) in Material Management



how many types of idoc'c?


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in the final display list how can i change rows to columns and vice versa

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

What do you mean by pooled tables in sap abap? Also explain what do you mean by table pool? : abap data dictionary


What is payroll driver


Update function modules are classified as either v1 or v2. Which type of update is performed first and in what mode (asynchronously, synchronously or locally) can each type be processed in?


What is the maximum number of match code id's that can be defined for one match code object ?


how to track records from data dictionary?


What are secondary indexes. How can we know which index is being used in a select query?


Performance tuning techniques


identify valid statement when coding a field exit ? a) submit RSCA101X b)MESSAGE E101 C)MESSAGE I101 d)BREASK-POINT


What is the significance of delivery class?


From excel to abap - is batch mode possible ? : abap bdc


What is the difference between Classic badi and Kernal badi ?


What is sapnet?


Can a domain, assigned to a data element be changed? : abap data dictionary


What is dynamic action? : sap abap hr


if u take one worst program,in this program user write the logic is session that program user can get some errors ,that errors we will see in call transaction method,how it is possible.?