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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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difference between session and lsmw difference between bdc and lswm why u choose bdc instead of bapi


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explain any one in briefly what are the books we have to buy to study dont say see the help or abap 21 days if u have any other materials to study please suggest me i am unable to understand

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Will the views get effected when updating the database?


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In a transaction there are 5 screens (say) but while recording you could see only 3 screens.what will u do to avoid such situation?will u save it like that?


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in what application server the business logic is developed/deployed?

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what technology used at presentation layer for displaying GUI to SAP user ? and where those files were put?

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wat are the user exits for the po reports?

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wat is RFC?wat r the RFC types?

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Anyone can plz help me in finding the occurate material for ALE,EDI&IDOCS ,OTHERTHAN ARVIND NAGPAL'S EDITION!IF u know then plz inform me!

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what is the standard program used to upload/download layout sets in scripts.

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how do you put dynamic page breaks in script.

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what is the print program used to change the status of IDOC from 03-12.


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what is the Tcode to send customer master data to another system.


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what is the syntax for eliminating duplicate values in internal table.


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difference between cluster and pooled tables

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What are the types of subroutines?


It is possible to assign a local data object defined in a subroutine or function module to a field group. State true or false. : abap modularization


What is the significance of hide?


What does the extract statement do in extract datasets?


Hi, I have a requirement for locking the fax field in user master records. As you know user can edit the details using the System>profile>own data (SU3), it is causing some security threat to our model. What i want is users should not be able to change the fax field under communications when they get into su3.I have heard of user Exist functionality but don't know how to implement it. Can you suggest something, it will be greatly appreciated.


What are authorization objects and what statement is used to perform an authorization check in an abap program?


How to convert normal function module to bapi?


What is bdc programming in sap?


What is the difference between dialog program and a report?


hi..i hav developed an interactive report in which alv list display in basic list and 1st secondary list in alv grid display.I want to get summation(total) of the columns in the secondary list.I hav used 'do_sum' but i couldnt there any other way to get summation(total) in secondary list which is an alv grid display


Explain buffering concept usage?


What is meant by hide area?


What is elementary search help? : sap abap data dictionary


What are domains and data element? : abap hr


What will you code in start-of-selection & end-of-selecton & why?