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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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which institute is best in hyderabad for abap which is a module in sap.please suggest ur valuable information

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Can a function group share its subroutine with all its function modules?

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how to create f1 help and where f1 help is stored

2 7180 help is there for table or structure or both? structure there is no technical attribute, then how will u call data elements/fields into the structure? 3. i want to add/write some code in sap standard program in function module related in badi,then how will u write your code in sap standard Fm in badi? 4.what is kapler badi? 5.what is the use of log text in table technical attributes while creating table? 6.what are the fields i have to take to releae/creat a PO from Pur req? 7. if i have already release po as per the Pur req and vendor supplied the material,then again i want same 100 material,then wt will u do? are u release po again? what are steps u follow for this situation?

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how to find the print/driver prg of smartform.I used FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME in driver prg.


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what is the transaction transaction for setting parameters rdisp/buffermode

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Q2.What is the special character is used to mask a single characher. 1. & 2. % 3.’_____ 4._____’

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i have a requirement.there are 2 fields and one check box on my selection screen.initially first field sud be mandatory, when we click on check box the first field which was mandatory sud now be optional and second field sud be mandatory?please provide me the solution asap.Thank you


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i have 2 fields on selection screen of a Report along with a check box.My requirement is initially that first field sud be mandatory but when we click on the check box the first field which was mandatory sud now be optional and the second field now sud be mandatory.Please provide the solution asap. thank u.


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what is main diffrence b/w refresh ,clear and free? with example?

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i have two purchase orders in smartform.i need to print them in two different to do that.

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For Sap ABAP which institute is best in Hyderabad?

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what are the main technical differences between oracle and sap? it would be more helpful to me if get this answer...


GUYS any one please can u post questions in sap a bap webdynpro questions.. please i need to know some technical questions regarding webdynpro and ADOBE forms ?


in bdc which method best comape to call transaction and session method?with example?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ABAP }

How will u handle the situation – In a report using function module to generate a IDOC, How will u handle the error IDOC in the same report ?


Can we control the sequence in which multiple implementations of a multiple use BADI are called? If yes, how?


What are the types of subroutines? : abap modularization


What are the contents in technical specifications?


What statement will be found in an sap application program that implements a function module exit?


What is the difference between skip and reserve?


What is sap luw or update transaction?


What is the collect statement?


How to call transaction in session method without recording?


Difference between Insert, Update and Modify?


Difference between call by value and call by reference? : abap data dictionary


Explain the difference between cluster tables and pool table?


How can we declare a table control in the abap/4 program?


Explain what is the purpose of sap script?


What are the requirements a dialog program must fulfill?