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SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Which one of the following statements would occur in the PBO of a dialog program using table control? a) module user_command. b) set screen '0100'. c) loop at itab. d) loop at itab with control itab_tc.

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Which one of the following statements are FALSE about Inactive objects in SAP? a) Development Objects are always saved as inactive versions. b) An inactive version of a Development Object is written to developer’s pc c) In DISPLAY mode, other users can NOT access the code of inactive version of a developer d) Generating a runtime object is same as activating a development object.

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Can any tell me ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0 Released year? and difference between them?


How to run a report in background??and if we try to run in foreground it says"this report sud be run in background".what can be done in this case?? 2-And how sud we stop a report running in background??

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What are the commands for BDC to pass specified values directly to a Batch Input Session..?

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please any one can tell me How to validate the data in Table maintinance generator?how can u validate the table field values if u r entering the data into fields .it shows record is wrong?wher we can done validation in table maitenance generator before getting the data as out ?



in bdc session method. if u run the record in fore ground manually i have a 7 records but at the time of record processing first record produces the error how can u process records manually in fore ground please tell me any one knows?



How many types os LSMW are there anyone knows please tell me?

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in interactive reports i can use hide field for secondary list out put in ALVs for secondary list as a out put which field r u using?in interictive list ican use HIDE in ALVs which field r u using?

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ANY one can tell me what is basic diff b/w keywords STOP,CONTINUE,CHECK,EXIT, AT-EXITCOMMAND?


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can any one can give me exectly the TABLES key word?

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any one can tell me which is the tables can store in ddic plese dont say db02l,please give me different ways of resideing the tables ?



can any one can give me the Fi and co flow? and the tables ?


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where can u use secondary index in program please tell me? is there any tool to test in development client?is there any performance tool is thre pleaseeee tell me?

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please any one can tell me the material no,and sales orde number?in which table conpany masterdata will store?

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What are the events in classical reports?


How many primary keys can be created for a table?


How to specify a client for database table processing?


Give 3 scenario of reporting due to which you require reporting help of ABAP consultant?


What is a help view? : abap data dictionary


Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements? : abap data dictionary


How do you convert non-char field into char type fields ?




What is the difference between scrolling a table horizontally and vertically?


What is sap locking?


What is the use of at new statement ?


The commands through which an abap/4 module can “branch to “ or “call” the next screen are?


Explain the data types of internal tables?


How can we declare a table control in the abap/4 program?


what are the main technical differences between oracle and sap? it would be more helpful to me if get this answer...