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POs Interview Questions
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is relocation a problem for you?

State Bank Of India SBI,


what is work life balance?

State Bank Of India SBI,


name 3 latin american countries?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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todays headlines and your views on it?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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is relocation a problem for you?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is work life balance?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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what are you expect from us



what are you expect from us


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1.What is PLR? What is SBI's present SBAR? 2.What is mixed economy? 3.Who is the owner of SBI at present with what shares? 4.Who will issue currency notes? Who will issue one rupee notes? 5.What is mixed economy? 6.What is CRR ? 7.What is Bnak Rate ? 8.What is the function of RBI ? 9.What is inflation rate ? 10.Some european bank is in lost,What is the reason ,and what is the impact on IT sector and economic condition in India?


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1.please send me interview questions for the post of clerk in state bank of india immedietly because I have an interview on 14th oct ?

State Bank Of India SBI,


which is the recently new banking law

State Bank Of India SBI,


i want to know questions on marketing ,like cross selling etc


if u get the job in other state how do u manage ur family? will your husband accept to work any where?

State Bank Of India SBI,


you r apostgraduate student then why do u want to do a clerk job?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I am priyanka, I want to know that how can I prerare for bank PO Exam to get success. Please send me the study materials and last 15 years question papers direct in my mail that is If u have any suggession for me for this exam,please give me.

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Un-Answered Questions { POs }

hi i want to know the model papers for bank exams clerical cader.


please contribute all those who are appearing for idbi assistant manger interview............will b helpful for all of us


dear sir.. i have completed my degree.. now im ready to applying for IBPS CLERK pls given the details of clercal exm..i mean syllabus and marks? also minimum cut off marks for clerical exm?


hai friends.... I applied for asst manager(IT) in NABARD.I'm qualified in NABARD prelims 2010... I've completed my MCA in june 2010.... I'm eligible to continue... please answer my question please....


i got selected in clerical o9 xm of sbi...i am an engineer of biotechnology...what kind of question i hv to face plss tell's urgent..send it in my mail id


hi i am abhishek srivastava i am preparing for sbi po so plz suggest me the best way for preparing forwritten and id is


Hi, I'm working in vellore(tamilnadu) as postal assistant, I'm going to get married to a person who is in hosur(tamilnadu), Will I get marital transfer to that place? If yes, How much time will it take to get transfer from the date of applying? Kindly answer..


sir 'i am selected for sbi po interview under obc category, but still my obc certificate is yet to come. what should i do?'


i have been shortlisted for syndicate bank's asstt marketing manager interview. please help with some interview questions.


People who dont have the application form print out please suggest something to get rid of this pbm


hi frns please tell how to prepare for syndiacate bank asst manager exam .


Is there anyone who qualified for the PNB MT and went to give the Mains exam at Mumbai??? Pls come in touch regarding this....Any idea when they are going to declare the result of the Mains exam??


for those already workin as po wat to do if noc cannot be produced in sbi po interview


hi.i m yasmin ,i ve been selected for sbi associate and my gd+interview in on 27th july... can any1 help me by answering some of my queries... i m a graduate and i want to know about the interview questionnaire..besides i too want to know about the gd topics, if any1 can tell me what kind of topics they give in gd.. i ll b really grateful to mail id is..


plz giv rplyy to these ques. ,,related to bank interview 1)being an engineer ,iwhile qualified bank written exam,,what will u do,if you will get opportunity in engineering??? 2)how long wud u stay wid us or how long u will bring a meaningfull contribution to our firm?????? 3)define the role of junior management officer in private bank?