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POs Interview Questions
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syndicate po result out!!!!!

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i am bhargavi i am selected for the syndicate bank po please tell the questions in interview

Syndicate Bank,

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Hi..I got selected for interview in syndicate bank PO .i m from kolkata..have any one got the call letter by post? When can we expect the interview to happen?

State Bank Of India SBI, Syndicate Bank,

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Hi anyone selected for sbp pls post the information regarding medical & certificate verification date if they have or know fr other source becaz sbh on 20.07.2009 declared the date of medical & certificate verification of its candidate that will starts fr 10.08.2009 on its site. so pls let me know becaz there is no any information regarding this on sbp site.pls reply


HI i have been shortlisted for the Syndicate bank PO post. Can any one guide me about the interview questions..and answers?

Syndicate Bank,

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hi.i m preeti,got shortlisted for syndicate bank po interview.When can we expect the interview to happen? n wat shud we our main focus while preparing 4 it.....need to revise btech subjects??Do they expect much for Banking Terminology.plz provide me someuseful links in this regard.thanks

Syndicate Bank, Union Bank,

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This is Kowsalya.I got shortlisted for Syndicatebank PO interview.If anyone have an idea and materials regrding please send that to my id

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RBI Grade B-Officers Recruitment Exam Reserve Bank of India Services Board, Mumbai July 2009.I want the previous year question papers...?

Bank Of India, RBI,

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Dear Friends Yesterday i hav received the call letter for interview for the UCO bank PO on 19-08-2009.But on the same day i have an medical checkup date for SBH Clerics.Kindly inform what shoild i DO.

UCO Bank,

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CETRAL BANK OF INDIA call letter????? Has any body got it for the written exam date 16.08.09

Central Bank of India,

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Hello is there anyone selected for SBM-ANdhraPradesh or any other state please send any information regadsing our medical test or joining.. my mail id


has anybody cleared the PNB MT GD held at mumbai? If you are having ur interview on 13th aug in delhi, plz send me the type of question they are asking. I have my interview on 14th. my email id is

Punjab National Bank,

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when will the united bank of india po exam result be declared which was held on june 21 2009?


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Hai I am Asha. I am From Kerala. My name is short Listed for Syndicate Bank Po (2009). Is there Any Interview Center In Kerala?

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hi..this is anil , shorlisted for Syndicate Bank PO Interview. Could anyone tell, when will be the interview. I have done M.Tech in Mechanical Engg, Wht kind of questions can I expect in interview? Is any computer course certification needed?


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hiii dis is babji if we got selected 4 in the interview also wen will be the medical test and wat all physicall fitneses will be checked??


if anyone has already given gd & pi of sbi po, could u please send some information about gd topics to my email id


you are a insurance ooficer you have to motivate a customer ding a insurance policy but he is uneducated but that have much money how to moite vate


how to crack bank po written exam?


How will you apply your knowledge of economics in Bank PO job? I am an Economics PG and recently qualify Bank Probationary officer exam. Next stage of the exam is an interview. If the panel asks me "How will you apply your knowledge of economics in this job" What should be my answer? i a aware at banks are all about finance and economics, but that knowledge will be used at 'Senior management level'. BUT 'How to use economics at PO level?'Please help


i appeared for andhra bank po interview recently.i scored 159/250 in ibps in gen category.i have 4 yrs banking exp in sbi as clerical staff.with jaiib.but my interview was not so good.wat r my chances to get selected


Dear Friends, I am doing my MCA Final Year. I am selected for postal assistant examination?. I want to go for job only. But i don't have eye sight of 6/12. will they reject after selecting me? Kindly reply


why u want to choose banking as career? what are your expectations from the job?


hi all i have shortlisted for bank of india interview . but i dont know how to prepare for that interview so please guide me with some model interview questions and tell me the sites in which i can get such interview questions


does anyone got the oriental bank of commerce joining letter please let me know .


Question Bank exam for - Porbationary officer model qustion papers I want Please send by email id. as soon as possible


i've been selected for allahabad bank's interview.i wanted to ask how i should prepare for it.please send me related materials at my e-mail id- it asap.


latest group discussion topics


Sir, i am selected for the interview of BOB (bank of baroda) . Sir kindly sujest me how can i prepair for it? Thanks


hi,i will get 73% in syndicate bank po exam which was held on 29.8.2010,is this enough to clear the exam?anyone who cleared bank po exams please reply to me