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RRB Interview Questions
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I m preparing for RRB Exams for section engineers.I m from Mechanical trade.Recently I have given exam of RRB gorakhpur. I found that they have asked question from all branch of engg like mechanical,electrical and electronics and there was very less question from mechanical. Can any body plz tell me how to prepare for rrb exam and suggest me any book for that.



when goods gaurd exam will contact.please replay to me. replay to my mail id

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who among the following is the president of international court of justice?

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(i)Who is the father of train engine concept. (ii)


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when will rrb notifications released. if anyone know about rrb notifications in south central railway, or eastcoast railway, etc. my email id is

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sir please send me the last 5 years rrb solved question papers my email id:

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sir please send me the last 5 years rrb solved question papers my email id


When will be the next RRB exam held


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I have applied for the post of Assistant Station Master according to the notification of Chennai in 2009. Unfortunately i did not get information regarding that exam. When will the exam will conduct. If any body got any information regarding that, kindly send a mail to ID:


please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER GR11- ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB Thiruvanathapuram}}} TECHNICAL, General Knowledge,and Aptitude question papers TO MY EMAIL- ID



sir please send me the last 5 years rrb solved question papers my email id:


i have applied as a junior engineer in RRB. I am diploma mechanical engineer.pls send last 10 solved papers of junior engineer's exam



What is the colour of oxygeng cylinder used in hospital ?


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`NELSON` is a term associated with cricket is made by-


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In which direction Earth rotates?


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Un-Answered Questions { RRB }

Please anybody let me know whether RRB chennai will conduct JE & SSE exams next year (2017)?


Sir, I am Diploma in Mechanical Engineer holder and I have been applied RRB-Chennai now. I need RRB chennai JE mechanical last 5 year question papers Plz send me on this email id


i need previous year questions for section engineer(S&T) for electronics engineer. please send some sample questions to my mail id Thanks in advance !


Sir/Madam,i need previous question papers of rrb related to Assistant Loco Pilot,kindly requesting you 2 send me to . ravi


sir,plz send me a old papers for section engineer. thanking you


Can anyone send me previous year rrb JE signals paper. my id is


Can tou send me RRB mumbai's section engg model exam papers?


sir, iam sampath i want the syllabus & model papers of locopilot exam for diploma in mechanical. when the hall tickets will be provided, if we donot get whom we have to contact.please mail me to . thaking you sampath.n


Please send me the model question paper of Assistant Station Master in RRB to


sir please send me the previous question papers for the entrance test of the rrb tc and gang man as early as possible


i want the study material for the post of je(electronics) plz send me study material


Please send RRB Ticket Examiner/ Ticket Collector previous years question papers to


please send me aptitude as well as technical questions of rrb bangalore with answers for je tele category


sir please send last 5 years papers of Asst.loco Polot exam of Secunderabad board


sir,i am going to face an entrance examination for the post of assistant station master.and i dont know what type of question will,if u can send me previous exam paper,i will very gratefull to u.