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RRB Interview Questions
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Which of the following is not a renewable resource? (a) Water (b) Sunlight (c) Wind (d) Coal

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A hawker cuts a watermelon fruit into 12 pieces and sells each piece at Rs.5. If he gains 50% then the cost price of the fruit was (a) Rs. 30 (b) Rs. 40 (c) Rs. 25 (d) None of these

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The original fort in Bangalore was built in the 16th century. Later on, it was subject to the authority of the Marathas and then the Mughals. Who amongst them bought Bangalore in the 17th century from the Mghals for three lakhs? (a) Kenpagowda I (b) Chikka Devraj Wodeyar (c) Haider Ali (d) Tippu


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Who wrote the play ?Yashodhara?, which deals with life of Buddha? (a) Kuvenpu (b) Bender (c) Maasti (d) None of these

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A Shiva Temple in a desert can be found in (a) Mysore (b) Nanjanguddu (c) Talkadu (d) None of these

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Where is Kaiga Atomic Power Plant situated? (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Karnataka (c) Kerala (d) Orissa

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Breath control (Pranayam) improves (a) Body co-ordination (b) Yoga (c) Muscle building (d) Intake of Oxygen

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40 percent people take tea, 50 percent take coffee and 10 percent people drink both tea and coffee. What percent of people drink neither tea nor coffee? (a) 10% (b) 20% (c) 30% (d) None of these

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Distortion caused on a telephone line by an adjacent telephone line is called (a) Cross link (b) Cross fire (c) Inductive disturbance (d) Transposition

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A short initializing program of a PC is called (a) Subroutine (b) Boot program (c) Main program (d) Branch

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A byte is (a) A group of 2 bits (b) A group of 4 bits (c) A group of 8 bits (d) A group of 16 bits


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Which of the following equations is correct where I=Current, V=Voltage and R=Resistance? (a) V = I/R (b) R = V/I (c) I = V/R2 (d) R = V2/I


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Which of the following statements is wrong? (a) Ammeter must be connected in parallel (b) Ammeter must have low resistance (c) Voltmeter must be connected in parallel (d) Voltmeter must have high resistance

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Two observations for a length are found to be 1.5 cm and 1.50 cm. Then (a) The two are identical (b) The first has greater accuracy (c) The second has greater accuracy (d) Zero in the second has no relevance

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Students line up in a queue in which Anil stands 15th from the left and Sunil is 7th from the right. If they interchange their places, then Sunil would be 15th from the right. How many students are there in the queue? (a) 22 (b) 29 (c) 21 (d) None of these

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sir i want technician grade-3 (carpenter) model question paper


Please send me The syllabus and last three years Question papers of RRB Section Engineer(signal) at the earliest to my email Id .


sir, iam preparing for locopilot exams ITI(ELEC) Please can you mail me the model paper&syllabus for exam thanking you shankar


please send me rrb chennai previous 3 years question paper for electrical engineer with syllabus


sir/mam I'm student of M.C.A.Is there any special rrb exam for P.G students.if exists what is it.


Can anyone send me model question paper of RRB for the post of Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk


sir,i will attend the rrb exam on assitant loco pilot .please send the model technical test questions. please 12th + three year diploma (electronics & communication) is eligible for Assistant LOco pilot in RRB


plz plz plz send me the RRB previous paper regarding section engineer my email i.d:-


hi..all..1st congrts to who cleared the sbi exam.. i hav a doubt about reporate,crr,slr,bank rate... if anyone know plz share ur ansrs with us.. All the best to all...


Sir/Madam,i need previous question papers of rrb related to Assistant Loco Pilot,kindly requesting you 2 send me to . ravi


what is examing body


sir this is nagesh iam a physically challenged person i had applyed to accounts officer cum typist and commercial cleark i have no knowledge of rrb kindly please send privious non technical model papers


dear sir/madam, please send me rrb chennai previous 5 years question and answer paper for electrical engineer...


how to become m.r o?


I am studying final year mechanical engineering. what is the procedure for me to get enter into engineering stream in RRB?