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Servers AllOther Interview Questions
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how to find Developments system to get authorised?


In our Company we have windows 2003 server in our office and 10 users are connected to the server(Windows 2003 R2) my 1 st question is i want block internet access to few users, the users are in ACTIVE DIRECTORY domain how should i have to do that. my 2 nd question is and only google should be access to users that too home page and 2 nd page only Please do the neddfull

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a user complante you ,he is not connecting inter net what you will check ?

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can anyone give me full information abt ISA server ?

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How do i create connection pool & data source & add it to the jndi tree especially in weblogic 7.0? Please help me out with this?


Can some body please give me a step wise solution for creating connection pool & data source and adding it to the jndi tree in weglogic 7.0?


1. The client of this project is uncertain what type of web hosting, should be used, but insists on using an Access database of all of the products they wish to offer online. Provide a brief explanation of what type ob web hosting account is needed, which server best supports the needs of the project, and what programming language will be used to work with the Access database.


2. The client has several sales managers in the field that he wishes to be able to access and update product information as needed. They’re a concerned with security and access issues concerning the online environment. Briefly explain the options available using Windows 2000 Server.



I have one mdf file and 11 ldf files for a db, but all the ldf files are crashed then how can u recover the ldf files in db?



wat is the 1st has to perform to identify the slow running quires with out using profiler?



Why do we need to break a mirror, before patching, because when we go for patching, the server will be single user mode and at single user mode svc.startd demon wont be running hence SVM software also will be in disable state, there is no way it is going to impact the alternative mirror. So can you please let me know why we need to break the mirror


Hi Friends, In my Desktop i have Microsoft Server 2003, in that can i instal Microsoft outlook, to send/receive mails with Internet Connection. what are requirements to instal Microsoft Outlook? please clarify......

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What is kerberos? what is the port No of kerberos?


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How Indian railway computers are running without HDD? Which technology they use?


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HI Everyone, I have a question....... In solaris the Root File system is full And the var also under the root only, At that time I opened /etc/system file by using Vi editor and finally i quiet from the file..... 1. Is the /etc/ystem file is corrept? 2. Is the anything interrlink B/W rot Filesystem and /etc/system file?



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Can mirantis 6.0 now upgraded icehouse nodes to juno or is it still just the fuel server that is upgraded?


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