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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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plz give me anybody test data expected result during prime number programe ? advance thanks


what is the role of external testing companies?


What are the emerging trends in the testing and QA arena?


suppose u have raised one bug. you have posted to that concerned developer..he can't accept that is a bug. what will u do in the next stage?

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HI, I am Praveen Saini having 5 yrs experience in s/w Testing field. I am looking change. I am having QTP 1.5 Yrs. + 3.5 Manual testing. If someone having position, lease let me know. 9811465496


I want a test management system urgently but I don’t have time to search and compare different models. Please suggest some.

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What is Risk Mitigation and Risk Contingency plans? Please explain in details with examples.

Ami Tech, Deloitte,

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How should I prepare for CSTE Exam?What should I do as I am not having any idea about it? How to register , what r the study materials,validity of certificate.Pls help

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I would like to know whether Zephyr, the test management tool takes a complex installation procedure.

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My team is globally dispersed and I spend most nights on conference calls. Is there any way out to handle my Quality Assurance team?

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I want to do the Testing Project Course, which Institute is best in Hyderabad?

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How can I get free .NET add-in for QTP9.2. What is the process to install any add-in?


What do you think is a good investment, a defect tracking system or a test management system integrated with a defect tracking tool? Please suggest.

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I’ve been using a test tool for quite some time but it has not lived up to the expectations. So I’m planning to invest in a good one. Please suggest some?

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Can anyone tell me is there any cirtification in Testing like we have SUN cirtification in java,if yes then from where i can get it & which institute offer those cirtification & what is he process

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I Want To Join Infrasoft Technologies,what is the Procedure To Join The Company?


What does a typical test report contain? What are the benefits of test reports?


Explain unit testing?


Is there any working in siebel testing if so plz discuss some scenarios in siebel testing as iam preparing 4r the intrv it may be very useful to me...My mail Id I wud appreciate the guys and guls whoever helpme..Plz get back to my Id and gv sm tips... Cheers,


When usin qtp iam able to get the data from the database only in a single row that is if i have 2 columns in database,when using database output value , all the values in Database are transfered to a single row in QTP datatable. I want the values to appear as it is from the database , can anyone suggest some ideas?


What is test/qa team lead?


you are a SQA lead on a project that uses an agile development environment, The lead developer has been instructed to write and initially-failing automated test case, then produce minimum amount of code to pass the test and finally refactor the new code to acceptable standards. based on above, Which type of SQA-focused SDLA is being used?


What the meaning of code walk through is?


Could anyone let me know what exactly is telecom testing & how is it done? And also how is mainframe testing done?


What is the function of the software testing tool 'phantom'?


When is a test considered to be successful?


What is total quality management?


What is fuzz testing and when it is used?


How to improve in english


Explain inputs?