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Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What Kinds of Testing should be followed for an web application while Manual Testing . Ie., Regression , Integration , Alpha , Beta , Performance , Stress ,Load , Back End(database)...etc What is the serial way to follow the above Testing Kinds in manual testing of any application. Plz clear my doubt.


What is the difference between IIS web server & Apache TOmcat server


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Other than Mr Nageshwar rao anyone suggest me the other best institute to go for testing.

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Which is not a tool of static code analysis? a.)Ada b.)Borland-delphi c.)Fortan d.)None



Testplan & Tesdata a.)Testers workbench b.)Testing Strategy c.)Testing Policy d.)Testing Measurements


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Hi I am newly joined this forum.I am from Uk coming to hyderabad for 8 weeks for Software Testing Course.Please advice me the best Institute. Eagerly waiting for your response ASAP.

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What is memory leak and defect leak? Is there any harness testing? If yes, please explain?


What is a first work when tester get job

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Hi can anyone please suggest a good intitute for software Testing course with project work in hyderabad as iam coming from uk i have only 8 weeks.....Plz advice

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what is the difference between verification and validation ?


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What are the steps to test a Website? Please advise.

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Hi I have done M.Tech Biotechnology from Anna University,but i did not get Job in my I tried to learn Software testing . If i do ISQTB certifications , i will get job in MNC or not .Please let me know please mail to

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what is differnete between bug report@bugtracking


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what is qc&qa


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waht are somking types



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What is JBOD?


viewing entire results after the batch run in qtp Is there is a easier way view the complete results with out opening one by one test scripts


Explain exhaustive testing?


How will you hack someone's gmail or yahoo account.


how to use bugzilla plz tell me details processs


I would like to know the kinds of questions that could come up with regard to backend testing? As i am new to this field would also know if backend testing is restricted only to sql and unix. If at all anyone has any information on the same kindly get back to me..thanks


List the comparison between FC and FCOE?


What are the major differences between stress testing, load testing, volume testing?


Please Check out and Answer the Questions in Networking section. It's argent.


hi friends pls send to me any one have or guide me for model papers or previous papers of ISTQB certification exam foundation level


What is the objective of regression testing?


What is affinity diagram?


What is difference between validation and verification?


What is typically the most important reason to use risk to drive testing efforts?


What is quality management?