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Automation Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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how we start automation testing in company?is there any document for it?what are the differnt fields contains in Automation plan?


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in keyword driven frame work..where Driver Script is locate? is there any inbuilt script for driver script?who writes the driver script?how to call it any body can tell me with an login,inbox, logout).



What is End-TO-End Testing?Explain in detail

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Kindly let me know how to setup JMeter for functionality testing of a Web application.. The apache help doc is good but i m little confused with it... :(



Kindly let me know how to setup JMeter for functionality testing of a Web application.. The apache help doc is good but i m little confused with it... :(



Hi all, Do anyone have the experience in PDF Document Automation using OLE objects and methods? If so suggest the best websites for source. Thanks :-)


Hi Can anyone tell me the site wherefrom I can Install latest version of QTP on my PC?

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If I have given names to different DataTable columns and those column names are stored in a variable, then passing that variable to the datatable how can i Enter different values in those columns listed in that variable?? Please explain me with an example.I am not getting it.


What are the main differences between Loadrunner and QTP tools? Describe briefly a "real world" scenario that would make you use the first one versus the other? Thank you for your answers....


Can any one give me the script for drag and drop or setselection functions ?like in a not pad i want to select 5 lines


What is the best scripting language for automation (function) testing

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Can any one give information on "Content Disposition" in TEST COMPLETE automation tool? mail me to call me to 09849423932


Hi I need the following information about JMeter 1) How many(max) threads(users) can hit the website using Jmeter? 2) How long(in hours) can we run Jmeter for stress test? (Is there any “Memory full” issue if we run for long time?) 3)What typeof sampler to use for clicking on the link?


What is the major difference between Acceptance test , Functional test , Usability test and Performance test with special reference to auotomotive domain


What is the major difference between Functional test, Acceptance test, Usability test and performance test. With special reference to automotive domain


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What do you think holds the testers back to do automation? Is there a way to overcome it?


Does every software project need testers?


5. What are the tests you are conducting through winrunner?


What is a framework and what are the frameworks available in rc?


What issues come up in test automation, and how do you manage them?


how to re-install QTP 11.0 trial version


Explain me what are the main advantages of automation testing?


hi every one this is ashok pls any one give answer me pls question is while testing with selenium after giving id user name and password , the inbox will be open , how to handle this one


List the five essential types of test steps?


What are the disadvantages of Hybrid framework


Can you explain data-driven testing?


How can you switch back from a frame?


Tell me what are pros and cons of automating tests at ui layer?


if we are using an Engine (tool)..with that how to capture data from excel sheets and how to do automation with this plz answer any body for this question.?


How do we Test the C++ and Unix Application Using Automated Tool.