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Windows AllOther Interview Questions
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what is meant by bluetooth? or about bluetooth, uses of bluetooth, advantages and disadvantages of bluetooth and more information about bluetooth and in what way it is used and how it works Please kindly answer my questions sir

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What is the component of bluetooth?


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While Installing The OS Once Copying the Files After that its showing "NTLDR is Missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart" Wat is the Problem?

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What is difference between shadow copy and backup?

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what is RIS and how to install RIS?

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what are steps available in system failure?

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what is windows installer

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what is windows installer?

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what is active directory ?

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what is NTDS ?

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What is the difference between the DVD-R and DVD+R formats?


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What is the difference between windows 2000 and windows 2003 server features? what is ASR? What are the roles of FSMO? Which are Forest level roles and Domain level roles? What are the steps taken while moving the FSMO roles? Types of RAID and brief description ? Which are all fault tolerant raids? What is the actual disk space utilised in RAID5 and RAID1? What is the diff btwn Mirroring and Duplexing? What are the different types of partitions in Active Directory? What is the database file name created when ADS is installed and where is it stored? What are the types of Sites available?


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Cant create New folder: On Vista OS New folder not get create even "New Folder" option is not found in context menu & file menu. It is not working from organize menu. what can we do?

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What is the Difference between Windows 2033 standard.Enterprise,Premium,Data centre and Web Edition

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How do you recover an object in Active Directory, which is accidentally deleted by you, with no backup?

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How do I view a wer file?


What is the significance of taskbar?


Is nvme faster than ssd?


What is run dll on my computer?


What are the pros and cons of a solid state hard drive?


How delete all files and folders using cmd?


Does dx12 improve graphics?


What are the steps to copy a file?


How do I fix dvd error cyclic redundancy check?


How do you create an exe file?


What is setup file?


How do I change directory in cmd to desktop?


What opens a dll file?


How do I create a link to a file path?


What would a rise in remote queue length generally indicate?