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Databases AllOther Interview Questions
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what is difference between delete and truncet ?


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write a query for the fifth highest salary?

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can i use the commands "modify" and Change in DB2 to alter my column datatype and its name in a table?


i applied prompt on country when i run report it shows list of all countries but want it to show only four countries name



define primary key index, bitmap index, hash index,virtual indwx

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How to do performance tunning a database in DB2 V8.2 UDB in linux


1.what are components of querystdio and report studio and cognoss connection? 2. how to use prompts in query studio? 3.what is lock and un lock objects? to test the re[ports in query studio? to use brust option and when? 6.what is the performance testing? 7.condition explorer whaen your using? impromptu how do you create cascading prompt? 9.diff between section and group? 10.types filters where you are using group filters and tabular filter? 11.tabular model, tabular references ,tabular set , tabular sql? 12.what is the use of multi[le packages? 13what types of problems arise when create a join? to provide package sequirety? server components? many kinds of quality subjects? do you specify the joins? would you maintain the relations in frame work manager? 19.what is usage of segments and how to provide it? 20.governer settings in frame work maneger? to create filter in frame work manager? 22diffrence between represention layer and physical layer? to create prompts in frame work manager? 24.what errors occured when verify the model? to publish package in net work or local system?


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What is the concept of Virtual field?



what is the full procedure for using store procedure in informatica7.1?


1. How to test Database? Please, give me all details for "SQL,Msaccess, Mysql Database? 2.For which functionalities database used? 3.How to convert Guest to Admin by Mysql database?


Which is the best sorting method if i have to sort the students of Harvard University according to their first name?


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What is the default identifier of structure in C?


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Can we have a function Overloading with same number of arguments but with different return types of function

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What is the differnce between Order by and Group by

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what is data access layer?


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What is the DIF format and when we will use in teradata


i applied prompt on country when i run report it shows list of all countries but want it to show only four countries name


Which database does facebook use?


What are different types of data models available? Explain with example?


Why do we need distributed database?


What are the types of joins?


What are the types of indexes that are present inside a database?


Design an ETL process( batch job/script)from source to starting that u will not be dependent on the source in the near future?please elobarate details on what are things to consider.if you'd like to do a diagram that will be great.please answer it


How heap is implemented in database?


Which three commands cause a transaction to end?


What is database and its types?


Explain phantom deadlock?


Differentiate between delete and truncate table?


Explain database partitioning.


How does database replication work?