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VC++ AllOther Interview Questions
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What is the use of DDV and DDX routines ?


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Name the three types of loops used in C++ programs?

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What is the difference between pointer and reference?

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What is more efficient to pass as a parameter--a pointer or an object? Why?

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What is a mnemonic?

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What is the RGB macro used for?

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Name the three attributes of a pen?

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What is a glyph?

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What function is used to trap all mouse messages?

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Name the function is used to transfer bitmaps to an output device?

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What property is used to indicate that the up-down control is associated with a buddy control?

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How do you specify which control is the buddy control?

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What is an overlapped image?

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What is a transparent image?

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Which steps are required to add a column to a list view?

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