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SQL Server Interview Questions
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how can i lock the column in the table


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what is the basic diffrence betn a col declared in char(1) and in varchar(1)

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how to get the salary in descending order with out using the keyword desc in sql


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difference between truncate, delete aur drop?

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how many no of arguments can be passed in procedures and functions


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how can u get last observation in an unknown dataset ?



What is stored procedure in SQL..??

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hw you create table in sql using existing table and variable should be in specific order given ex : in old table empid empname empsal empage empbirthdate empaddrs like is there in new table we need it as EX: exmpname empage empaddrs empid empbirthdate like we want hw we create this as a table not view or nt reporting

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whats the maximum size of view state??


How can u get the number of pupils connecting the database?

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How to a Query to copy data from on table to another table.

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What is Schema in Database?

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What is storeprocedure?Tell me synatx for how to write stored procedure.

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What is index?

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Tell me about Triggers?

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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

on line cluster can we make if yes tell me the procedure


What do you know about normalization and de- normalization?


What is the server name in sql server?


How to create user messages with print statements in ms sql server?


What is the default Port No on which SQL Server listens?


Does sql server use java?


How to enter date and time literals in ms sql server?


What are the different types of Indexes available in SQL Server?


Explain the various types of concurrency problem?


what are acid properties? : Sql server database administration


What are character string data types in ms sql server?


How you trouble shoot when any job fails


Do you know what is replace and stuff function in sql server?


What is user-defined function?


To automatically record the time on which the data was modified in a table, which data type should you choose for the column?