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SQL Server Interview Questions
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Can we drop user if user mapped to any logins

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How to transfer Logins from SQL Server 2000 to 2005

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Issues related in upgrading SQL Server 2000 to 2005 / 2008


Observed that some SP’s / Jobs are processing late, how to troubleshoot to improve performance?

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what is the Ticketing tool used in Wipro technologies at Bangalore...???

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find the 3rd max salary

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How to Handle the exceptions in Sqlsrver 2005??

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What is best institute to Learn DotNET And SQL in chennai?


Where is SQL Srever (In sQL server 2005/2008 where is SQL Server Located).


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i have made a project i n created a .exe of it after installing it in to any pc, the database (sql express) is not geting accesed i.e the aplication cuts the link of the database, so plz help in this matter.


how do u find least salary in a table

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Delete duplicate records from the table?(Table must have unique id)

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Why we are using the sql language?. What is the purpose of using this?

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can we give the identity for existing column of the table? (already table contains 10(1-10) unique randam records)

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How do you connect 100 files as a flat file sources in one package of SSIS?

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Un-Answered Questions { SQL Server }

Can we write ddl in trigger?


What are different backups available in sql server?


How to recreate an existing index in ms sql server?


Can we call stored procedure in trigger?


What methods do you follow to protect from sql injection attack?


What are cursors stored procedures and triggers?


Do you know hot add cpu in sql server 2008?


What is a deadlock and what is a live lock?


What is the main difference between ‘between’ and ‘in’ condition operators?


What is save transaction and save point?


Why I am getting this error when renaming a database in ms sql server?


How do I find the query plan in sql server?


What is model database in sql server?


Can truncate be rolled back?


Do you know how to implement service broker?