SQL Server Interview Questions
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What is SCOPE_IDENTITY() in sql

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What is difference between restoration and recovery in SQLServer?


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Why we need to use secondry database file? though, we can do same work using primary database file also.


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What is difference between process and thread? Explain lazy writer funcationality.


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What is live lock and deadlock? what is Lock escalation?


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What is the best way to move n number of DTS package from one SQLServer to another SQLServer?


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What is Primary key and foreign key? Give an example


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How to connect PK and FK?

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What is the SQL?????????????????????????????


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Hi all, can any one please tell me the difference between sql server 2008 and orace 9i



what is an sql server?

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find 2nd highest salary of person using cursor concept?


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how to find the second salary?

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How to swap the data of two columns in a table. both the columns containing varchar values.

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What are the steps need to be take improve the speed of a SQLDATA Server?


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sql database suspect We have a sql database that is showing as suspect. How can we recover?


How do I repair damaged sql server mdf file database? In previous day my mdf file has got damage due to unknown reasons then I used dbcc chekcdb command but it failed, MDF file is important for me, I don’ know that how to get back mdf file data. Please anyone suggest me?


hi, the following are the outputs of sp_spaceused and sp_tempdbspace sp_spaceused ------------ database size unallocated size tempdb 77752.95 MB 28026.99 MB sp_tempdbspace ------------- database size spaceused tempdb 77752.945312 1.007812 the unused space in sp_spaceused is nearly 28 Gb and in sp_tempdbspace is nearly 76 Gb cany any one explain about this output and why its giving different results.


How should i optimize the time for execution of stored procedure having single input and many output from the different tables?


What is the difference between online clustering and Offline clustering?


how to overcome kernel isssues


what is difference between view and Dip.


How do use Having,Group by,Group function in SQL?


1.how to find the dead lock in sql server? 2.How to fine the memory leaks in sql server? 3.suppose transaction log file increasing what action will take ?


What is Lock table in SQL?


how to use DTS package in 2000,2005,2008 in sql server


What are the dis_advantages of stored procedures, triggers, indexes?


how can you attach more than 20 ldf files in sql server


my name is sejal I have cleared the sbi clerk exam. I am BCA graduate My favorite subject RDBMS Relational database management system. so please send me rRDBMS related interview questions


How do we upgrade from SQL Server 6.5 to 7.0 and 7.0 to 2000?