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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Which layer uses datagrams? a. physical b. data-link c. network d. transport

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Which OSI layer uses ports and sockets ? a. Application b. Presentation c. Session d. Transport

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Which layer packages data into frames?

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Which layer begins the process of creating packets?

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TCP/IP has howmany layers? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

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Which 3 layers are missing in TCP/IP ? a. Physical b. data link c. network d. transport e. session f. presentation g. application

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Which layer deals with Data Formats, Syntax, Encryption? a. application b. presentation c. session d. transport

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Which layer does "timing" ? a. Physical b. MAC sublayer c. LLC sublayer d. Network Layer e. transport layer

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Which sublayer builds frames? a. LLC b. MAC c. none d. both

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How does the MAC sublayer assure that nothing was damaged in transit? a. CRC b. it can't c. ackwoledgement

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Which of the following are Layer2 protocols ? a. ICMP b. SDLC c. LAPB d. SLIP e. SMTP

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´╗┐Which layer is responsible coordinating communications b/w segments ? a. presentation b. Session c. transport d. network

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What does the LLC sublayer of the Data Link Layer do ? a. Error Checking b. Gets data on and off the wire c. Decides which machines gets to go next on the wire d. Provides clocking signals

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List 4 layer-3 protocols ? a. ICMP b. SNMP c. IP d. ARP e. SMTP f. RARP

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Which layer is responsible coordinating communications b/w segments ? a. physical b. data-link c. network d. session e. application

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Explain the major disadvantage of a star topology?


What is mac addresses?


How do two computers communicate with each other when they are connected through L2 or L3 switch?


Tell me when troubleshooting computer network problems, what common hardware-related problems can occur?


Do you know about the job of the network layer under the osi reference model?


Define nat?


Which application protocol can not be blocked by the Switch?


Explain the function of the osi session layer?


whenever install patch cluster, system will be restart what is the problem?


What are the fields of VLAN tag?


Explain the Vlan tag information.


SonicWALL keep on fail over after upgrade from to have encounter this and what is the next step to solve the issue


Explain subnet mask?


Draw network configuration and protocol layer interface architecture for a multiprotocol bridge that interconnects an Ethernet LAN to a token-ring LAN.


What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?