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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Can ATM allocate bandwidth on demand ? a. Yes b. NO c. Only if you are running LANE d. Only if you are running layer 3 switches

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Which frame type use DSAPs and SSAPS to identify the upper layer protocols ? a. 802.1d b. 802.2 c. 802.3 d. 802.3u

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UDP runs its own ? a. data-link layer protocols b. CRC c. routing d. Acknowledgements

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Which of the follwoing are Layer2 protocols ? Choose all that apply. a. HDLC b. IP c. UDP d. SLIP e. PPP

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Which layer does error notification ? a. Physical b. Data Link c. Network d. Transport

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which layer converts user input into data ? a. application b. presentation c. session d. transport

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Which layer deals converts formats (unix-dos, EBCDIC-ASCII etc.) ? a. session b. presentation c. transport d. application

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Which layer deals with i) file system transfer ii) ii) virtual terminals emulation iii) interprocess communication. a. Application b. Presentation c. Session d. Transport

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Which layer establishes end-to-end connection ? a. network b. transport c. physical d. data-link

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Which set has protocols of ONLY the Network layer ? a. IP, UDP, TCP, RARP, ICMP b. IP, UDP, ARP, RARP, ICMP c. SPX, UDP, GNS, ARP, APPLETALK d. IPX, FTP, ARP, RARP, ICMP

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which layer deals with keepalives ? a. Physical b. Data-link c. Network d. Transport

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T/F : FDDI specifies protocols at both MAC sublayer and physical layer ?

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Windowing happens at which layer ? a. network b. transport c. session d. presentation

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Port is where upper layer protocols access which layer ? a. data-link b. network c. transport d. session

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T/F: TCP/IP has a formal session layer ?

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What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?


How do you manage a long term demanding stressful work environment?


Explain 802.1Q header?.


Explain the maximum length allowed for a utp cable?


What is the difference between linux server and solaris server?


What is clustering support?


Suppose when you move the nic cards from one pc to another pc, does the mac address gets transferred as well?


When you connect two redundant links of switch to hub to form a loop , and when the switch receives its own BPDU what it will do.


Define the proper termination rate for utp cables?


How do you remove Meta only for the root slice? Remaining slices should run under Meta?


Tell me what can be done to fix signal attenuation problems?


Explain how to perform system maintenance?


please forward Apache server and tomcat server questions and answers


Explain the main purpose of ospf?


What are your key strengths as a System/network Administrator?