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Networking Administration Interview Questions
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Which options of the sendmail daemon causes it to listen on SMTPport ?

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You want sendmail to attempt to re-deliver previously undelivered mail (e.g. the receving mail server was down) every 30 minutes. Which option and value would you use with the sendmail deamon ?

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You just simply want to kill the sendail deamon. What's the easiest way ?

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Which layers of the OSI model are managed by a network protocol such as TCP/IP? (check all that apply) a. Transport b. Physical c. Network d. Presentation

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Which file holds the IP address of the default gateway ?

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On what layer does SMB protocol reside? a. application b. presentation c. session d. transport

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Which layer of the OSI model defines how cable is attached to a network adapter card?

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What connectivity device typically work at the Application layer of the OSI model?

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The Project 802 model defines standards for which layers of the OSI model?

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Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for data compression?


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Which layer of the OSI model provides synchronization between user tasks by placing checkpoints in the data stream?

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What OSI level does a bridge work at? a. Application Layer b. Presentation Layer c. Session Layer d. Transport Layer e. Network Layer f. Data Link Layer g. Physical Layer

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What connectivity device works at the physical layer of the OSI model? a. repeater b. bridge c. router d. gateway e. brouter

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Which OSI layer defines QuickTime standard? a. Application b. Presentation c. Session d. Transport

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Which OSI layer uses segments? a. Application b. Presentation c. Session d. Transport

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