RTOS Interview Questions
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What is the difference b/n any GPOS and RTOS?Give suitable examples or characteristic of RTOS to support your answer. What changes can be done in a GPOS to make it work like a RTOS? What basic features will you support, if you have to design a RTOS?

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I have a situation where the programme counter(PC) shows that vxworks msgQreceive function has been called by task A and Q is full, still I am not picking up the messages. There is no other task registered to receive messages from this Q. The sending task B, which is ISR in this case, is getting timedout everytime it tries posting new message in it. A's state is PEND which means I am waiting for some resource to get free but PC shows I have called vxworks msgQReceive and currently at qJobget+0x018 location. There seems to be two causes now(identified by me): either vxworks qjobget task is not able to do semTake or no messages in Q. But Q is full and semTake failure seems unlikely(though I dont have a mechanism to check so). Besides explaining root cause for above, can anyone suggest how to get my task in READY state again? I also tried flushing the Q; on doing this, more messages get posted in Q but A still doesnt pick up any :(

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what do u mean by Semaphore..when v wil go for using this..explain about hat.what is the difference betw..binary ,,counting and mutex semphores


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what is difference between IRQ and FRQ ?


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What is priority inversion ? and What is the solution ?

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Assume there is a global variable & a static global variable.Both gets memory allocated from the data segment. Then how does the visiblity of static global varible gets limited to the file alone (in which it gets declared) ???


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what is major concerns about any RTOS selection ?


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Write a code to connect Hardware interrupt to ISR...?

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what is task spawn in vxworks ?plz anyone explain me


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I have been working on one thread which manage and control a couple of circular buffers. It has api for other thread to access. As the thread grows bigger and bigger, I split it as 3 to 4 threads which need to share common buffers, and also their api could be used by other threads, (not these three threads). Inside api, I also allow other threads to access these three threads' common buffers(more than one buffer). SO I have to use mutex to avoid race condition . But I found mutex will be everwhere in all the threads when they update the common buffer. I am wondering whether I could reduce mutex usage(more mutex will hure my system performance). any ideas for how to reduce mutex usage meanwhile to avoid race condition. Thanks

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I want software development lifecycle of windows XP software?


4. Where is AD Database held what other folders are related to AD?

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what version of wince supports dual core processor

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I want software development lifecycle of windows XP software?