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Teaching Interview Questions
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Which of the cognitive styles do you think is important for developing communicative spills in second language learning? Discuss


What are the spills required to write a good summary


In order to test your learners competence in English frame 2 each of the following test items: (a) Error Identification items. (b) Transformation items. (c) Multiple choice items in grammar

BEd, Ignou, Infosys, TATA,

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I a person competes M Phil in distance mode is he or she eligible for College level teaching jobs in India? Does M Phil has the same weightage as UGC-NET?

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what is public relation ?


Elaborate the statement- India's International boundaries are mostly natural and historically determined.

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Why professional attitude is important during interview

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write a simple program that reads a string (e.g. I am a superman) and print it in the reverse order. The output should be printable on the monitor.


While searching in google why there are differences in providing links for the same word if they were provided in single quotes & in double quotes or with out any quotes for eg software,'software',"software"


Which informational module was most beneficial to you and your student?


If you were using the DC High School Requirements module, were the presentations helpful in understanding new state graduation requirements? If not, give a brief explaination why.


If you were using the Roadway to Post Secondary Education module, did you find the presentations helpful in giving steps to obtain post secondary education? If not, give a brief explaination why.


If you were using the Are you ready for graduation? module, were the presentations helpful in laying out the expectations for Detroit Community Seniors? If not, give brief explaination why?


Was the website easy to use?

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Were there any information that was not covered, that you would like to see in one of the modules?


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How often is it good to see students parents?


There are 90 cows and 9 have to tie cows to pole such a way that each pole is tied with odd number of cows and no pole should be left empty?


Were you prepared to handle this situation? In hindsight, would you have handled this situation any differently?


What is meant by loco motor disability?


What are your hobbies and interests?


What are the qualities of a good teacher?


when will be held the FIFA world cup 2014?


registry modification for kerbros authenticatio....


when will be held the FIFA world cup 2014?


What are the characteristics of a creative child?


Please Find the crieteria as below to select the academy: 1.Is this academy is government aided 2.whether they a giving training for Physical fitness and Mental aid has to be given(if possible with accombidation) 3.Nominal Fees for joining and other formalities. 4. Good coaching for optional as well as Main Subjects (Public Admin and General History along with Science and psychology) 5.Joining Formalities and Entrance Exam Scedule needed and with the academy Website is needed. If u the above details about RC Reddy and any other center means plz mail me.Any body knows the all detalis plz mail to me.


What are your strong points as a teacher?


In which cenema Jisas's body complextion is black?


Describe any innovative projects you have been involved in developing.


What would you do if 50% of the class did poorly on a test?