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VB Script Interview Questions
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My questions is while writting descriptve programming, lets take flight reservation. Line1: systemutil.Run "D:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTestProfessional\samples\flight\app\flight4 a.exe" dialog("text:=Login").WinEdit("attached text:=Agent Name:").Set "mercury" dialog("text:=Login").WinEdit("attached text:=Password:").Set "mercury" dialog("text:=Login").WinButton("text:=OK").click window("text:=Flight Reservation").Activate window("text:=Flight Reservation").ActiveX ("acx_name:=MaskEdBox").Type "111111" window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinComboBox("attached text:=Fly From:").Select "Frankfurt" window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinComboBox("attached text:=Fly To:").Select "London" window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinButton ("text:=FLIGHT").Click window("text:=Flight Reservation").dialog("text:=Flights Table").WinList("text:=From").Select "13536 FRA 08.00AM LON 08.45AM SR $163.00" window("text:=Flight Reservation").dialog("text:=Flights Table").WinButton("text:=OK").Click window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinEdit("attached text:=Name:").Exist window("text:=Flight Reservation").WinEdit("attached text:=Name:").Set "sagar", Now i m getting the error in the last line. it is not accepting the WinEdit("attached text:=Name:") Please do solve this urgent...! and i want to know how to insert additional properties for an object and which properties we need to select from the object spy.

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Hi, can any one tell this Actually I AM NEW TO QTP I have one qtp script in which it calls the vbs file during it's run TIME by using the ExecuteFile "absolute path" If the vbs file is executed seperately it will give the output in a msgbox In the same way if qtp script is executed the result will be displayed in w result window right? Now the question is how to get that vbs file output in the qtp result window when I run the qtp script which calls the vbsfile during it's run TIME

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i created script for login in QTP,i parametirized that using global sheet,problem i am facing is first i want to login with first values provided in excelsheet and want to perform some operation,second time if call same action it should login with second values in excelsheet


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I need help to write a function in vbscript to click on a link. That link looks like a tab. There are 6 tabs. When I click on 1 tab it should show as "on". when I spy the class property is on. But for the one which is not clicked the class property is blank. I have objects created in our custom object repository. Please give me some idea.

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We have an application which is built using multiple technologies and are using QTP as the tool for Automating the same. While we spy over a combo box in this application, we get the object name as a "Combo Control" and we are not able to perform any action over this object in either selecting or checking any method for the same like "Exist" etc. Hence we thought of a solution and the same can be found below


how to set one column as primary key in QTP and fetch values accordingly



I have attended Anovatek Software QTP interview. They will give us computer and one web based application with QTP. We have to automate some records (already updated records or new records) using QTP Data driven testing. But we should use for loop? Can any one know how to do data driven testing using For loop?


Hi Friends Rajendra this is bhavani prasad, iam working Hyderabad. i faced one problem with qtp recording mode i.e in my application there is 100 records first we click the first record that record will be jumped to next session and 99 records will there stop the recording and run the same script .Run this script qtp does not identify the records. So plz tell me what is the solution.


Plz give the vb script for the following scenerio. In travel booking we have to select from delhi to mumbai from the combobox The prices will be display in another combo box .But i have to select the lowest price for it and submit it


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How to write functional test cases for send button in gmail.


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How do I check that the names in a weblist are correct e.g in flight application the names of item are Denver, paris,London, etc. How do I ensure the correct item is displayed from the list after doing item count ?


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Write VB script to convert from feet to inches(hint 1feet=12 inches)

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Give me sm ideas to write Vbscripts abt protocol testing


generic function for webedit box for web application

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after medical test,when will be the police verification



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Write a test case using Test if the images,a particular test exists,check if the page links match,page response is within a certain range,parameterization of the test,the test should comprise of actions,the test should use a custom function,the test should use global repository


How can the spaces from the string be removed?


What are the data types supported by vbscript?


Which date function is used in the vbscript language to find the difference between the 2 dates?


Explain some uses of vb script?


What is the main difference between function and sub-procedure?


when we use filter funtiom invb script(QTP)


Write a code to print numbers from 5 to 0?


Which command is used for writing text on a page?


Explain about the extension .hta?


When does ‘on click of button’ event gets triggered in the vbscript language?


What is the use of the recordset object and which statement is used to create such an object?


while using Keyward driven framework in QTPif new requirements are added how to manage it...plz ans


How to open excel in vb script?


What is the extension of the vbscript file?