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DB2 Interview Questions
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what is the certification that has a good value for a practioner in mainframes but not habving much knowledge on db2 related stuff?

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When you are working with the project after coding what will u do? Like what type of documents u will prepare? How will u do testing?

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Generally if I want to select the names starting with c I need to use c% But how could I code to select the data which contains % as a part of data.

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Can SQL statements/queries be included in a copybook?

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If a non-DB2 program calls a DB2 program, the calling program's name will be there in SYSIN of IKJEFT01 and the plan name will be that of the called program. But is a bind needed or a plan has to be created for the non-DB2 program also?


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If we keep the DCLGEN structure for a table in a copybook and include it in the COBOL program using the COPY statement, will there be any impact during compilation or at any stage of program execution?

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What is Call attach facility? How does it work?


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What is the SQL query to select, delete and get count of duplicate rows in DB2?

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Consider that a package is bound into 2 different collections and the PKLIST option specifies both the collections. If the collection id is not specified in the program while executing the SQL query, then when the DB2 system will search the package list, which collection will it pick up or will it give an error/abend?

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If a table has a column "dept" (declared to have nulls) and there are 10 rows in the table of which 3 have a null value in the dept column, what will select count(*) and select count(distinct dept) return?

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What is the difference between Primary key and unique index?

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why db2 is called as universal database?what is the storage capacity of db2v9 n what are the advantages of db2

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What is package versioning? Please give an example.

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Is it Possible to read from PS file and write it to database by using dynamic sql(execute immediate)

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In BIND, isolation level parameter specifies the duration of page lock and ACQUIRE, RELEASE also do almost the same thing. What is the exact difference between the two? Do they work in conjunction while executing SQL queries and obtaining locks?


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How do I change the column size in db2?


What is reorg and runstats in db2?


Can one database have multiple instances?


What is the purpose of rollback and commit?


What are foreign keys in db2?


If I have a view which is a join of two or more tables, can this view be updateable?


What is isolation level in db2?


What is explain in db2?


Who uses db2?


What is temporal table in db2?


What is buffer pool and list some of them?


Discuss about db2 bind?


What is load replace in db2?


What is dbrm? What it contains?


How many databases are there?